BY Suhaib lateef

The shine,the face
The cheeks with a giggling grace
The destiny of forhead
With the fate with a golden hat,
over the head

The smile of carves
Like the flakes on hills
The woven talks
Like the tales,&
The folk of lollies

The little smile
Turn to beauty and the loveliness
And the little happy eyes
With the hope and prosperence,&
The strength & stench

The talks are a duck
Like my chirping & charming bird
With the purity & innocence
Altogether the ‘face of pigeon’,&
The magical sham in it

My life with my life
The smart and small angriness
The vexed,myfavourite
Makes the face of pigeon jammy, that
I Like all the above,(hahaha)

My verses and the prayers
All the time with you
You are my life of mountains
My life of skies,&
My bird,the Lark of great heights.

And the Oxygen
Trying to dare to write
For his owned life of Skies
To the height of Larks

Suhaib idreeslateef,
Can be reached