26 Senior Doctors Write To CS For Inviting Application For Next Director SKIMS..

SRINAGAR ÷ At least 26 senior faculty members and HoDs of various departments of SKIMS have written a letter to Chief Secretary for inviting applications for the post of Director of the prestigious institutions as the term of the incumbent is ending next month.

As per the letter, the senior faculty members and HoDs have brought to the notice of Chief Secretary that vide government order on 9-October-2019, Prof. A G Ahangar’s term as Director SKIMS and ex-Officio Secretary to government completes on June 25 this year.

“We were expecting an advertisement notification for the selection of the post since the completion of the tenure of the incumbent is approaching,” they said, adding, “Incase no selection process is held well in time, many of us will get deprived of an opportunity to participate in the process and elevation to the post which will adversely affect smooth functioning of our departments and patient care in particular.”

They urged the Chief Secretary to take “cognizance” and issue instructions for the appointment of next SKIMS Director and the Ex-Officio Secretary to Government……