*Bed For My Brother’: VK Singh Tweet Sparks Questions On Health System*

General (R) VK Singh’s tweet prompted many to question the state of medical infrastructure in the country where even a minister’s kin were struggling.

*New Delhi* : A tweet seeking help for a Covid-19-infected person in his constituency, Ghaziabad, landed Union Minister General VK Singh in controversy today when it was viewed as a sign of the poor condition of the country’s health infrastructure. It was perceived as a sign of his privileged position which common citizens could not dream of. General Singh later deleted his post to avoid fuelling any more misunderstanding.
The Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways had posted on Twitter seeking help from authorities in Ghaziabad to get a hospital bed for “my brother”.

He had tagged the district magistrate in his tweet, prompting Twitterati to question the state of the medical infrastructure in the country where even the minister’s relatives were struggling. On the other hand, the tweet was used to highlight his elite status, especially with several senior Uttar Pradesh government officials promptly replying to his post.