By Rayees Ahmad Kumar

Knocking the doors of vale
Every year on December twenty one
Harsh and shivering spell of forty days
Welcomed by woollen attires
Mufflers, firepots, thermals and bukharis.

Cloudy days, chilly nights and icy waters
Hanging icicles from the thatched roofs
Water crisis due to frozen faucets
Foggy air and slippery roads
Displease and annoys the vallities.

Driving and biking over frozen Dal
Pelting ice balls to one another
Wrangling while turning to school
Listening fairy tales from the grandparents
Kids feel overjoyed in the chilly season.

Followed by moderate spells of chillai kharud and chillia bacha
White snow clade mountains of this paradise
Inflow of huge tourist rush
Skiing, snowbiking and other winter sports
Domestic and foreign nationals attracted by it’s beauty.

Greenery of pastures and gardens during spring
Unstoppable murmuring water of rivers, streams during summer
And the good crop yield during Autumn
Possible, only through a good spell
And a huge snowfall during chillai-Kalan.

Rayees Ahmad Kumar is a columnist, academician, short story writer,Book reviewer, Author of three books and Co-Author of four books. He hails from Qazigund Kashmir.
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