By BazillahYussuf

Since 2019, the rate of suicide in Jammu and Kashmir has increased day by day. Women and teenagers are even more likely than anyone to attempt suicide nowadays seen in our valley and they tend to have higher rates of depression. Suicide does not just affect the family and friends of the person who dies, but in the case of popular figures, it brings a sense of loss to the community. It is a death that happens when someone harms themselves because they want to end their life without thinking anything they just want to end their life as like .It’s a big and big problem today we all face and a leading cause of death in our paradise (VALLEY).
The effects of this go actually beyond imagination the person who acts to take his /her life.
Well, suicide does not see any colour, creed, sex, age, etc. It can easily touch anyone, anywhere even at any place with time. Some people may tell other their problems with ease ness but at the same time, others may try to hide.
There is a million of people in the world who almost lose their jobs, almost all of us have lost a relationship and others have different problems as well so we don’t end up our life like this. We have millions of other reasons in our life to live. So why should we give up.
If you or someone you know has the warning signs for suicide, please get the help right away .especially when you see the big change in behavior.
Being a Muslim I will explain you in a Quranic way what Allah say in the Quran about Suicide .Everybody knows it’s a major sin which Allah doesn’t like.
If a Muslim Commits Suicide, will he be in Hell Forever with Never Ending Punishment even if he was a Righteous Person?
Suicide is strictly as sinful and detrimental to one’s spiritual journey. However, human beings are said to be liable to committing mistakes, thus, Allah forgives the sins and wipes them out if the individual is truly sincere in repentance, true to the causes and determined in intention.
For those who believed, but eventually disbelieved in Allah in the end, the result seems unambiguously negative. In the Quran, although Allah is said to be ‘the Most Merciful, the Most Kind’ and forgives all sins, the great sin of unbelief is deemed unforgivable.
At last but not the least put your trust on Allah. Tawakul on Allah, because Allah is the best healer .Tell your all problems to Allah .He will surely help you out from any trauma, depression anxiety, whatever problem you faced .
May Allah bless everyone.
BazillahYussuf has done masters in English literature. Presently working as Lecturer in Dr.A.G.M’s City School And also doing research between the age group 14-20 on social evils.