A Teacher Is A Spiritual Guide

Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions

By Seerat Haneef

A teaching profession is not an easy one it needs continuous hard work, upto date knowledge, dedication, passion, morality, humanity, ethics, consciousness, spirituality, and sober human behaviour, A word teacher in itself meaning a lot usually a word teacher means a person who teaches especially in school but now teachers teach in this pandemic through different means of communication.
A teaching profession is a respected profession we must respect our teacher’s. Teacher’s play a vital role in our lives after our parent’s it’s our teacher’s who shape our lives by educating us and inculcating good moral values in us .Teacher’s are agent’s of change.They counsel their student’s and help them to choose their subject that best suits their interest .Teacher’s can make a good difference among successful student’s and unsuccessful one; among those who loves to read,write and one who doesn’t and counselling both in a positive way .A good teacher can convert a dull student into a brilliant one .There are many relationships in the world that are connected with man,some of which are blood ties and some are spritiual relationship. One of these relationships is the student teacher’s relationship .The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.
Student’s must understand that if they teacher’s punish them it’s for their own personal growth not the teacher’s growth .A teacher is a nation builder he or she builds the character of people .Teacher brings people from darkness to light.Children’s are like clay He or she moulds them in a good shape.
In religion islam the student teacher’s relationship is equal to that of the parents .It is the teacher who teaches us the meaning of real life after parents, teaches us to live life, teaches us to differentiate between right and wrong such is the status of the teacher .Almighty brings on the earth but teacher brings us in the sky. Our beloved Prophet said that I was sent as a teacher it shows how high the status of teacher is Teachers are like parent’s and must be given the same respect as we give to our parents!

"Without Teacher life Would have no Class, the best teachers educate with their hearts not just their minds " 

Seerat Haneef is a Student of DD Target PMT Parraypora