A Tribute to a Teacher

Mir Asra Rehman

There are hidden abilities in every human being by nature, but it is not enough for everyone to use these hidden abilities and create a unique place in the society through them. These abilities do not develop in a day or a moment, but it is the result of a constant struggle and long efforts, an excellent example of this is Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon, a highly educated and versatile talented youth and a famous columnist from the Kashmir Valley.

Akhoon belongs to a middle class family, so he has made earning while learning one of his main priorities since childhood. Akhon’s father is a man of noble character as well as good manners, cheerful temperament and gentle in nature. Since childhood, Akhon has been endowed with an environment of moral education, which is evident in his writings.
Akhoon complete Masters in Urdu and education from K. U. According to the Author writing is my passion from early age, and after insisting by her Director Target PMT Jk operations Mr. Mansoor Mattoo leading education expert early this year the Author start writing articles for lot of leading newspapers of valley both in Urdu and English dialect and he is a permanent writer of Kashmir Canvas too. The Author write on lot of topics like religious, morality, women empowerment, consciousness and also writing constructive criticism articles upon various daily issues which every common man faced. Akhoon is presently working as Sr. Edp Head and Councilor at DD Target PMT Parraypora India’s Reputed institute For Medical coaching under the presidency of Mr Mansoor Mattoo and with such versatile talented youth of our society Institute is setting milestones of development day by day, Akhoon takes special care of children’s assessment, Fortnightly exams as well as moral education which is very much lacking in today’s society. Akhoon also promote young dynamic writers, artists and also her coaching institute student’s writings and art Alhamdu lilah lot of good articles you can check of Akhoon’s students and renowned artists on Mr Akhoon’s Fb and Instagram app too. When i asked Akhoon what’s your aim behind writing an articles and the answer which I have received shows the real character of columnist according to columnist
“I don’t take the money to write an article nor did i start writing for that purpose, I just try to use my heartfelt feelings, Research, Reflections, Observations and Intellectual Abilities to preserve them through the pen. Honor is in the hands of Allah even i don’t want to be famous for doing all this but it’s an effective step to get peace of mind after the remembrance of Allah”
It is our prayer that Allah will always be the supporter of such intellectuals and we hope that in the future we will be able to read some better and unique information through Akhoon.

Mir Asra Rehman is an author and a student

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