Aalim Aslam , a paragon of courage and proficiency

By Aubid Akhoon

Talent means nothing without hardwork , dedication and winning mindset.
Just as nature has endowed Kashmir with beautiful, charming and eye-catching landscapes, so too Kashmiris have a unique example of talented youth. In every field, the youth here have been performing their best. Perhaps Allama Iqbal, whose ancestors were from Kashmir, recited these couplets of poem after seeing the enthusiasm of the youth of Kashmir.

Jis Khak Ke Zameer Mein Hai Aatish-E-Chinaar
Mumkin Nahin Ki Sard Ho Vo Khaak-E-Arjumand

“The earth that enshrines in its bosom the fire of plane tree: this exalted earth can never be dead and cold” Aalim Aslam is one such example of samewho is acchieving heights in the art of playing Martial arts and Calisthenics (gymnastic exercises designed to develop physical health and vigor, usually performed with little or no special apparatus. )
Aalim Aslam hailing from Panderathan srinagar kashmir. Currently Aalim is a student of Class 12th (Non Med).
Aalim was an infant when his father Mohammad Aslam Bhat passed away after a brief illness. After his late father, his elder brothers Faizan Aslam and Inayat Aslam, along with his mother, took care of Aalim with compassion. While playing at the age of three years , Aalim Aslam’s left arm elbow was badly injured, but Aalim never let his weakness stand in the way of his success while maintaining his enthusiasm.In dfferent events till date Aalim Aslam won 2 gold medals on distrcit level competitions & 1 gold 1 bronze medal on state level competitions respectively. Aalim Aslam is also certified frontend web developer.
There is no shortage of talent in Kashmir, but the resources to strengthen the talent are very limited.
I remember when I used to go to the indoor stadium to play martial arts and at that time getting entry permission from the stadium was no less than crossing a big peak. But in the face of our deep attachment to sports, we also considered enduring these hardships as part of the game. Now with the support of The Jammu Kashmir Sports Council, permission is now easily obtained but now most of our youth are giving up sports and giving priority to drugs.
Which is a serious concern. This is an important need of the hour that we equip our children with moral education along with conventional education. Remember that a child will not perform well in education as long as he is not physically strong. It is a popular saying that sound mind remains in sound body?
Thousands of lightning strikes, millions of storms rise the flowers that are about to bloom will continue to bloom.
We wishing Aalim Aslam all the best for her future endeavors”
Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon
R/o panderathan Srinagar
A/P Ompora Housing Colony
Columnist is a Motivational Speaker, Weekly ‘Education Equill’ Content Advisor ,Working as Sr. Edp Head & Counsellor in DD Target PMT India’s Reputed institute For Medical /JEE /Competitive Coaching Classes and can be reached at akhoon.aubaid@gmail.com. Insta Ubi9305