ACB books X-En, contractor

JAMMU, Feb 25: Anti-Corruption Bureau Jammu has registered a case against Raman Uppal, Executive Engineer Urban Local Bodies, Division-II, Jammu and Atul Mahajan, Prop M/s Suvani Construction.

According to the FIR, verification was conducted by the ACB on a written complaint lodged by Aftab Hussain alleging therein to have filed the tender documents along with two other contractors (under self help group) in Urban Local Bodies Div-II Jammu for the construction of lane/drain in Kishtwar. The bids were opened in their absence and the rates changed after opening of bids to allot work to M/s Suvani Construction.

The verification revealed that the balance work for an amount of Rs 9 lakh was floated by Executive Engineer Local Bodies Div-II Jammu vide tender notice No.

65-LBJ(II) of 2016 dated 07.11.2016. The three bidders including M/s Suvani Construction participated in the tendering process. After analysing of record, it came to the fore that the then Executive Engineer Urban Local Bodies Div-II Jammu namely Raman Uppal neither floated e-NIT which was in vogue at that relevant time nor he constituted/formulated a committee for opening of the tender.

The rates quoted for other items by M/s Sunshine Construction was 3%, M/s Nissar Construction was 19% and M/s Suvani Construction was 22% but after opening the bid, Atul Mahajan, son of Chander Mohan of Kishtwar and Proprietor of M/s Suvani Construction in league with then Executive Engineer Local Bodies, Division-II Jammu made cutting and insertion by changing the figure quoted for other items as 22% to 2% and managed to get the tender for the work in his favour.

During verification it also came to the fore that another work worth Rs 9 lakh was allotted with same number and date in favour of M/s Suvani Construction. However, the work was taken up by JRJ Constructions vide allotment dated 15.10.2016 amounting Rs 2.75 lakh meaning thereby the allotment of work to two different contractors with same CDR amount / number but different allotted amount.

“These facts constitute commission of offences punishable under Section 5 (1) (d) r/w 5(2) J&K PC Act and sections 467, 468, 471 & 120-B RPC against Raman Uppal, son of M R Uppal of Shastri Nagar Jammu, then Executive Engineer Urban Local Bodies Div-II Jammu, beneficiary namely Atul Mahajan, son of Chander Mohan of Kishtwar and Prop M/s Suvani Construction and others”, the ACB said.