Anatomical Review of ‘’THE ASHES- FABLE OF LOVE AND BETRAYING’’-II (Suhaib Idrees Lateef)

THE ASHES-FABLE OF LOVE AND BETRAYING is a beautiful and attractive novel penned down by a young writer Qasim Kashmiri, My first review for the book was the superficial review or flimsy report just on its organization of words, statements, sentimental stanzas and etc. Here is my second review based on its anatomical and carnal nature. In this book, Qasim has proven his capability and deep potential very well in an ordered systematic fashion, step by step organization that is what the reader admires the most.
The book, ‘’ The-Ashes ‘’ is writers debutante Novel, in his words and libretto, it is the allegory of occult Love and Betraying of passionate emotions and devotion, with the figures of Saad, Afreen and their deep love tale. The book went on in a race to turn one of the best, desirous and loving book for proofreaders and bookworms. The book tells the poignant tale of two teenager lovers in a young local atmosphere. Afreen, A youthful beautiful girl from Syed dynasty, claiming as upper class of society. A beautiful, attractive girl from a Syed dynasty, treated as Super class in society falls in deep and sensitive emotional love with a boy named Saad, a mystical poet. Saad was a boy from Najar community usually treated as low social class. The duo fall in enthusiastic and desirous love at their primary spectacle at Shazia’s engagement, when both were present as guests as they were in combined relationship of friendship, Shazia – Aafreen’s best mate and good friend and Shazia’s elder brother Muneed, the best friend of Saad.
The book is quite well written and maintains its rapid flow as it moves forward. The love took the devotional and loveable allegory as Afreen likes and proposes Saad in a classified and systemic manner.
The love went and went on to turn blind, blissful and convulse Heartbeat. One cannot live without other, The love matures into Cancer, By Author, ‘’ Love is beggar, can knock any door ‘’ is proven in much worthy way.
Aafreen heartedly accepts Saad in thorny contention of benevolence without taking account of her family norms, principles, desires and high class stature. The gorgeous poetry pen down by the author in terms of stanzas makes it much beautiful.

‘’ When Afreen and Shaziya
seemed deeply concerned and sympathetic about them
and as usual for impression Shaziya unnecessarily quoted
Longing is the core of mystery
Longing itself brings the cure
The only rule is suffer the pain
At the point Saad entered the room and completed the verse…
Your desire must be disciplined
And what you want to happen
In time, sacrificed ‘’.

This was the first classical example that crossed the duo. 
Aafreen’s family, A too wicked and jaundiced family, reckoned to their resentful and solicitous nature, as were the Syed’s, claiming superior social class in society, bound to their primitive principles and simultaneously author had given the fashionable reason turning their love  into a just roughed betrayal.
This only justification at the end shows how the love showed its path to death for Afreen as author claims her mad and blind in Saad’s Love and in surplus shows the Saad’s hardcore heart was just atrocious, criminal and corrupted. The author neatly shows how their immortal love turns into a murder cum a file of deceive and perfidious turnover. 
The book steels away the heart and mind of the reader, emotionally as well as mentally. 
The author very properly claims, Love as beggar and with utter easiness proves it. I, as a reader liked its ordered poetical fashion stepping with the column writings in a chronological succession. 
At final stage, I was broken completely, continuously my eyes drooped my cheeks at Aafreen’s poem, when she was going to loose everything, her colorful world, her nest full of family, her friend Shazia and mostly her Lover Saad, whom she was claiming Angel for her on Earth. 

I light the candles
To adorn the moment
With passion of love
Beneath the starry sky
My tongue whispers none,
Calls out your name
To the exhaustion of breath
And the death of language
The curtains ruffle
As the candles shed
The tears of wax
On my pillow…

I fix my gaze
On the trodden pathways
Hoping to here again
The sound of your footfall…

The poem was not mere a poem but an intense pleading her heart poured out in the words.

Suhaib Idrees Lateef
Student, can be mailed at idreesdalal865@gmail