Suhaib Idrees Lateef

The Covid-19 and simultaneous Lockdown, 
everyone felt its peak and exaltation. Whole 
of the populace, each and every being bushed and drained to its substantial conditions, Infact everyone exhausted to its state as whole of the Cosmic have come to a standstill. The Situation was going worse and worse, resulted in a naught to the locomotive process for people, not only locomotive, everyone was preferring their hearths and habitations instead of multitude movements and other runs. 
In such a berth where it was impossible to travel to relatives, nearer and dearer, I started the espousal and proposal of daily home needs besides continuous and consistent Book Reading. 
It was fairly unacceptable for me to remain Loaf and lounge all the time. I started for some novels, some important literary books. The writers including Nandita Haksar, Anne Frank, Abinaw Ghosh, Basharat Peer, Gowhar Geelani, too precious Fatimah Jinnah, A.S Dulat, Syed Ali Geelani and etc. 
The books including ‘Wular ke kinaray’ with all its Volumes, ‘The Partition of 1947’, ‘The birth of Bangladesh’, Recently Arundhati Roy’s ‘Aazadi’, ‘Kashmir -rage and reason’s , ‘The Spy Chronicles’, ‘Kashmir -The Vajpayee years’, ‘The Ashes’ by Qasim Kashmir( young Kashmiri Writer) and other small books.
In between, I got a recently purchased book, blackish in cover, ‘UNDEAD FANTASY’. interesting was about the writer, the budding, young, much talented and blooming Author of my valley, AABID SHAHEEN. 
I highly turned his fan to his fresh limelight at a single go. 
I immensely got impressed by his quick tail and comprehensive Poetry. It was just, the book passing each and every stanza was reading me. 
My reading was like, I couldn’t halt its reading, I couldn’t stop just for a minute.
It was my Green David’s Coffee, Aabid Shaheen and black coloured Undead Fantasy. How the 3 make up my day……Amazing!!!! 
My Changed mood smile swings. I found the poetry contained by Aabid Shaheen in Undead Fantasy as extraordinary and much outstanding. Amazing in its part is the boy hailing from such a place in such a teen favor with the taste of such great poetry Collection. The diverse and distinguished poems are only a cause of life and death for him and his asylum. The book chooses life of Aabid, his personal experience, regrets and rages , gains, pain and Clouds, struggles and a contribution to Survive.
He has completely let his sprit on ways as among content poems named, ‘VOICES OF HEART’ , Aabid gets completely imbibed to his soul, to his inner Voice in an indebted and completely smooth manner. 
         ” So unsound is your sleep
         taking medicines won’t work! 

        They themselves have scattered
        hopes with stars won’t work! 

       Moon has now grown by its light
       rays from the sun won’t work! 

       These nights are gifts unnamed 
        sleeping dumbly won’t work! 

       I have found peace in it
       its escape won’t work!

The Poet is altogether and entirely different to propose out his intimateness, the mounts of Struggle and shows shrugged nature to unbelievable and unbearable gains. 
The poems are a talkative and merely a Love Collection, as they are presented like a pure silver mirror trying just to show your cause, motives and inducement. 
”Indeed I am trapping my-self, my soul into the love with the Writer, with the words, with the stanzas with the speeches as it retained me speechless and abundantly impressed. 
Thanks Aabid, keep living and budding.. 

Suhaib Idrees Lateef,
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