“As blood spreads through heart in the body same I want to fill the colours of my life in relations”

By Shagufta Hassan

I describe colours as emotions , relationships , family values, friendships and every relation including something that is lost already. We cannot evaluate a certain thing unless it is lost. So writtng a poem and Penning down my emotions through each and every colour of life gives me both satisfaction and pleasure. Like every statution teaches us to know ourselves. Every poem of this book gives a certain type of vibes. I am trying to uncover those emotions, relations and vibes altogether in my poems. I really admire every colour of the rainbow or nature and I want to paint with every colour In my life along with not even thinking of losing any of them.
Each poems describe a part of my thinking and observation related to everything that I have ever felt. Sometimes, relations between people and familes usually come to an end due to a misunderstanding and sometimes it’s just needed to be done. Sometimes, it’s just unnecessary to do something like that. But like life Showing different colors, I’m trying to share them one by one.
Now coming to all the colors of the book. Red color stands for my joyous moments, green colors gives information regarding my family and friends. On the other hand, yellow color talks about my ups and downs in love, white gives a detailed description about my opinions on love and compassion. And there are so many colors that you’d be surprised to see emotions in the point of the views of that.
I am dedicating this book for myself due to the immense love and compassion I have for me. You can’t love others unless you love yourself first and I hope this love will make me a better version of myself, for I believe loving oneself makes a person, a loving friend, a loving sibling, a better daughter, a caring wife, a lovely mother along with making that person value each and every relationship as a human being.
The main reason behind writing this book is I want to motivate myself first. I want to value relations.
I have seen many people not caring about themselves and that’s a very bad thing so this book will remind me every now and then to love myself as a priority then I would be able to respect and care others.
“It’s a matter of point of views, otherwise spilled colours means arts to someone and blotch to others”.
Shagufta Hassan can be reached at loneshagufta786@gmail.com