Banihal reeling under darkness during Ramadan; Sajjad Shaheen

Rural areas facing worst power crisis

Banihal , 18 April ; National Conference leader and district President, Ramban Mr Sajjad Shaheen has expressed serious concern over the unscheduled power cuts during the month of Ramadan particularly at the Sahri and Iftaar time in the entire Ramban District saying that the metered as well as non-metered consumers particularly in Banihal and it’s far off areas have been facing long hours of unscheduled power cuts.

Shaheen said that the residents of Banihal and it’s adjoining areas that include Mahu, Mangit, Khari, Nadika, Trigam, Kumbla, Buzla, Srachi, Hinjhal, Fagow, Tethar, Chareel,Nowgam, Chachal, Neel, Chaknarwah, Chamalwas, Lamber , Ashar, Kaskoot, Zinhal,Wanpora, Shagan, Hingni, Zonchwas, Sumar, Harog, Pogal, Maligam, Paristan, Gagarnag, Sarachi , Chaka, Sarbagni, Amkot, Bankoot, Krawa, Dooligam, Hijwa, Arimarg, Bawah, Nachlana, Thachi, Ramsoo, Ukharhal, Batroo, Dardahi and other parts of District Ramban have been facing the brunt of the unscheduled power cuts as the PDD has failed to follow the electricity schedule as frequent power cuts have made the situation miserable for people living in these villages.

He alleged that the situation has gone from bad to worse during the past one week as power cuts are more frequent and extended during the evening hours. He added that Banihal and it’s far off areas have been facing worst power crisis that has compounded the problems of the people.

He said that people are facing prolonged power cuts due to which they have to spend maximum hours in darkness 

and added that people living in some villages complaint that they are receiving electricity for only one or two hours in a day and for the rest of the time they have to remain in darkness.

Castigating the J&K Administration for it’s tall claims and assurances they had made to the people of providing all facilities in the month of Ramadan but

“Unscheduled cuts during Ramadan have increased manifold and claims of authorities on ground are proving a hoax,” adding that the government authorities have failed to mitigate the power crisis in Banihal as power cuts were witnessed continuously during the holy month . 

Shaheen has sought immediate attention of higher ups into the matter and demanded an end to power cuts.

He has also urged upon the J&K administration to ensure adequate supplies of essentials particularly ration, sugar and kerosene oil, LPG Cylinders besides un-interrupted electricity and drinking water during the holy month of Ramadan.