As we all are aware of that nowadays we see a lot of children alongwithg their parents from outside Kashmir begging on road sides, traffic signals, outside parks and public places which are very well trained and doing what they have been taught to do.

They force and surround the people until they will not get the money. They use some emotional dialogues like (didi apko baya ki kasam paisa daydo, baya 2 dinu sa kuch nhi khaya etc) for making the seen more dramatic. People especially women, girls feel very uncomfortable by their actions and it becomes very difficult to make them understand anything. The begging mafia is a powerful one with strong links to the trafficking network and some unscrouplous police personnel; the latter provide them with protection as they get a percentage of the daily picking. The KSLSA (Karnataka state legal service authority) study has drawn attention to instances of police investigating cases of traffickers selling children to the BEGGING MAFIA. As per SECTION 2 (14) of the JJ ACT, 2015, a child who is found working in contravention of labor laws for the time being in force or is found begging, or living on the street is included as a “child in need of care and protection”, among others. So it becomes responsibility of our administration to look into the matter and protect both common people as well as begging children.
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