Being a Girl is Not merciful

Wani Farheen Aslam

“It is overwhelming to exist as a woman, You must assume like a man, Act like a noblewoman, look like a new girl, and Work like a Horse”.
In our society, our family plays a key role in our lives. So we people mostly decide to please the society, relatives and show-off them in any matter. A girl in society is an eye-catcher Because mostly and unfortunately she is a Girl.
Where she exists but in zero’s.
The life of Girls is dangling firstly when she resides with her parents but she cannot execute the trends of her preferences, because society her aunts her relatives This is a vastly common exhausted talk of our families Why we have to think about Relatives, friends etc etc. When a girl child is born we have to observe the faces Of Grandparents, in this manner I am assuming prevails a girl child is a Ghost who will slaughter them.
In our proud religion{Islam} a girl is called a blessing but does she feel like a blessing did her parents treat her like that, did her brother treats him like that if she only called by the name of blessing or only parents show off him how they treat him in front of others.
The girl is often appreciative towards her household but where she takes off for her affection when she expects her parents if she performed anything mistaken she keeps to hearken till she kneels.
It’s not simple for a girl to listen to that her parents were in fascination with the boy?
This much strong a girl exists.
She cannot gossip with anyone because her brother may take him wrong.
Her parents decide on her friend circle.
Her parents decide on her wearing.
Her parents, decide on her wedding.
But how can you explain this exists the life of a Girl when every sole member of her family is governing him. Accordingly, a girl comes to be assuming that these are guilty days nicely after getting married everything will be fine.
But unfortunately, when she got married she realises more fed up there, occasionally by Her mother in law or any other member of her laws.
Thus she cannot affirm it because If she has selected a Boy of her intention she can’t talk about all this with her kin. Furthermore, we memorize the possibilities of suicide, Then we arrived to arrange marriage Where less dowry means Abusing her dad, brother and calling her by many names.
Thus, Is this called a Blessing of Almighty (Allah) where a girl stays a robotic life.
From her birth till her death She never feels I am good for my parents, then for her siblings, after this than for her in-laws, for her husband and mostly for her children.
Numerous girls have sacrificed their dreams sometimes for a single subject, sometimes for a single.
Yes or no., for their choices or their decision. A girl is always the backbone of her mother when a mother is not available your sisters treat u like her.
Prevailing a girl is not easy she is told to play with dolls not with cars to watch( Barbie) not Ben 10.
Being a girl She is told as soon she completes her education she has to marry anyhow probably till her 24 yr only belongings to their caste and then she has to give birth but birth only (baby boy )and continue to her household (Warna lough kya kawaii) this word lough kya kahega Has hurt girls life.
” Girls life is not easy, When They get out from their Houses Out of 100 they struggle with 99 stranger.”
Sometimes she faces harassment in her colony, bus, department, out of college. But she committed not to communicate it because her family will say It’s Your Drawback.
She is your sister, your classmate, and your friend. She is thin, tall, short, chubby, fair, dark-skinned, or brown-skinned. She may have freckles, pimples, or clean, unblemished skin.
No matter who she is or how she is, every girl deserves respect and to be treated kindly, just as a boy does. To respect a girl is to accept her as she is, with all her flaws and strengths. It also means to consider her opinions and ideas and be considerate of her feelings and beliefs.
“The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” Audrey Hepburn”