The media seems to have agreed that rich countries are experiencing a loneliness epidemic. There are literally thousands of newspaper article that use this exact expression. What is the evidence for this?The world epidemic suggest that things are getting much worse and loneliness is increasing rapidly. But does the data is fact show that societies are becoming lonelier?It is true that more people are living alone around the world, but LONELINESS and aloneness are not the same. Spending time alone is not a good predictor of whether people feel lonely, or have weaker social support.Social connections including contact with friends and family, are important for our health and emotional welfares well as for our material well being. Here are the various problems in the world for LONELINESS EPIDEMIC.If we take a look on social media or how does social media contribute to LONELINESS EPIDEMIC. Studies have reported that people who excessively use the internet, spend less time interacting face to face, which is turn result in depressing and loneliness.
Our world is changing at a rapid pace. Our society today is completely different from how it was a decade ago. The problems that our grandparents experienced when they were younger weren't the same that our parents experienced in their youth. And the same is the case with us. The problems we have today are more influenced by people and social problems than anything else.  With the communication gap being the most prominent problem between the youth of today and their elders, no wonder the temperaments are rising high more often. Today's youngsters are pretty outclassed but entering the new Millennium, people are beginning to realize and recognize serious concerns that our youth has to face today.Some of these issues have been around since forever. It is just that they are becoming more prominent to the public eye. Some issues arise as a result of the change in the trends of this fast-paced life.  Keep reading as we highlight the top issues facing our youth today.
Depression is more prevalent in our youth than ever before. According to a report by the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 15% of teenagers may develop depression before reaching adulthood.There is no doubt that a mobile phone is a handy tool. It eases communication with colleagues, friends, and relatives. But every technology that provides such benefits comes with a set of negative impacts. The impact of mobile phones on youth and society is immense. It is this area that requires attention when you are giving your teen a cell phone. Cell phones affect teenagers like Teen tendonitis (TTT) (Excess messaging can lead to Teen Tendonitis (TTT). It causes pain in the hands, back, and neck due to poor posture) , Stress, Sleep loss (Most teens keep their cell phones nearby while sleeping to respond to texts and calls and remain reachable around the clock. This may lead to sleep interruption and disruption)   ACCIDENTS ( Teens tend to attend calls and text while driving, which is proven to be dangerous), Anxiety, Risk of cancer, Cyberbullying, False prestige, Obesity, Vision problems,
In mobile phone, there are the various applications mostly cause young people even every age group loneliness....(use of mobile phone are not completely dangerous but excess use of social media is very dangerous and create LONELINESS EPIDEMIC)...here we take one example of mobile applications Instagram mostly like to cause young people to feel depressed and lonely out of major social apps.New research suggests, Instagram is the most damaging social media platforms when it comes to young people's mental health. A New study by the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania found that teens who use social media heavily are 3times as like to feel socially isolated. This can cause a teen to feel even more Alone than before, leading lower confidence and motivation to engage in social interactions. If we look with depth there are various disadvantages of social media. Lacks emotional connection, gives people a licence to be hurtful, decrease face to face communication skills, conveys inauthentic expression of feelings, diminish understanding and thought fullness, facilities laziness. This issue create day by day in every youth that's of course not to say we should pay attention to these issues mainly parents can focus and take soft action on our children.In our surroundings people are in crowded from but still feel like you're completely alone. If you're super comfortable alone, you're probably in danger or if you're super comfortable with social media, you're probably in danger cause" loneliness epidemic.

ZEHRA FARHAT ZARGAR is a BSc Student From Govt. Degree College Bhaderwah Email: zehrazargar123@gmail.com