BJYM National Executive Member Bilal Parray urges Rahul Gandhi to disband INC

Srinagar: The BJYM National Executive Member Bilal Parray in a statement said it is high time for 4th generation Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi to announce disbanding of the party during the last leg of its “Congress Bachav Yatra” in Kashmir Valley.

Stating that I am compelled by my hospitality as a Kashmiri to welcome Rahul Gandhi in Kashmir Valley but at the same time, I would like to open a few pages of history in front of him so that he could realise that history is not on the side of Congress particularly in Kashmir.

He further stated that the infamous rigging of elections in 1987 and imposing family rule of Abdullahs in Jammu and Kashmir evoked massive violence which has its roots till date. The future personalities who came into mainstream politics in 1987 and participated in democratic process were disappointed by Rahul’s party, as such triggering a vicious cycle of Violence in the erstwhile state.

Bilal said today when Congress leaders are shamelessly entering in Kashmir they have no takers here, as the people’s friendly policies of PM Narendra Modi have almost ended three familie’s rule in Kashmir.

Bilal said that right from Jawaharlal Nehru’s blunders vis a vis Kashmir to maintain his friendship with Sheikh Abdullah has put democratic setup on stake. He said Indira’s trust to remain in power and later riggings in elections by her successors proved disastrous to Kashmir Valley which consumed more than countless precious lives in Kashmir.

Bilal Parray said it was high time for Young Gandhi to announce disbanding of Congress from the soil of Kashmir.