Black Witchcraft (Taweez)

By: Wani Farheen Aslam

“Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch “

Entire manner of Jealousy by which nowadays, people ensue to grieve others. We prevail presently at that aspect where we can’t syndicate any individual. What those peoples bring who enact these black witchcraft activities. Exists because peoples cannot acquire their victory, elegance or they are covetous Why they possess this abundant acreage, why a person is accumulating successfully.

Instantly, we retain a glimpsed bunch of posts heeding black witchcraft how horrible this black witchcraft is for people, who go to trap another person in it. We don’t understand why those people crave black witchcraft for any task. Occasionally Evil Thinking can demolish other persons’ situation. Is not this better to bow down your head in front of the Almighty? The entire circumstance enhances when you trust that My Almighty enhances me

Numerous cases were reported regarding harassment by mythical (peer baba) why people trust them without knowing what initiatives retain in their mind. Wherein vastly ladies existed in these places and you concede your “Allah” SWT with a lonely eye dash.
Black witchcraft exists familiar in Kashmir, but why some peoples possess this kind of intuition to wreck another one’s truce. Is this because your compatriots, kin colleagues are prosperous and you’re little down to them.
Being down to earth assists you, not to exist overconfidently.

Accomplishing black witchcraft to wreck another person never bestows truce in this realm nor at the Day Of Judgment. What commends people fetch by executing this horrible activity. You are fetching a third person between you and your Allah. Invite your Allah that ” I come to be your’s You become mine” fluctuations will occur with his inclined. If Almighty is not getting you anything that you desire to have, He is quizzing your sufferance how abundant this person divulges my decisions.

Presently, black witchcraft is performed because of numerous aspects of grudge why colleague’s relatives are prosperous, he/she should hide my mysteries, stricken relationships, wedding bids, spouse problems It’s incredible why peoples are sharing this to any of these wizards. Wherein several times these black witchcraft papers were detected from graveyards nails attached with them, fish black witchcraft, hairs witchcraft, and extensively more.

On The Day of judgment, there will be no kindness upon these wizards and who scrambles for these activities.”When Allah pushes you to the edge, trust Him fully because only two Aspects can happen. Either He will catch you or He will make you learn How to fly”.

“Allah is sufficient For me, for us and He is the best disposer of our affairs. My brother /sisters when Allah closes a door for you
And a second door
And a third door
And a fourth door
It’s because the fifth door will lead you to a place way beyond the first four doors.
The reaction of giving up hope is not part of the dictionary Of (Momin ) a believer does not give up hope.”

Ya Allah guides them Who conducts these activities and Insulate them Who is in the trap of Black witchcraft…..