✒️ Durfeshan Nazir

I remember making a boat of paper
Very excitedly
In days of my childhood
And i listen to songs
Those sung by dear ones

How I felt when my boat of paper floated
Ah! That delighteness did I feel.
For me, what did my boat carry?
Some pure and precious wishes
which in my youth
I wanted to fullfill

Floated in the water and I said
bring my requirements
go to the land!
I dubmly slept
Hoping that in my youth that
boat of paper will bring to me
All my requirements

Today, when finally
I am young
I understand what where
those requirements that
my boat had brought me!

I do understand now
that hardwork and honesty
silence and patience
were the requirements actual
I ever needed
to fullfill my dreams

✒️ Durfeshan Nazir

Poet is 18 years old girl from Shopain Kashmir. She can be mailed at