Bol KI Lub Azad Hyn Tayre

By Sheikh Mudasir Muneer
Shopian, kashmir

Society is deeply disturbed by the spread of drug epidemic

Ye Masa-ile-Tasavuf Yeh Tira Bayan Ghalib

Tuje Hum Vali Samjhatey Jo Na Bada Khuvar Hota

Mirza Asadullaha Khan Ghalib ,the veteran urdu poet himself admitted in this stanza that if he had not addicted to alcohol, people would have  given me the status of a guardian(auliya). But unfortunately, drug addiction deprived the famous poet of Urdu literature, Ghalib, of the status of a guardian. Same  is happening to the youths of our society. This prevailing  social evil surrounds them in such a away that they cannot distinguish between good and evil.
Drug addiction has become a common disease in society. Alcohol levels in Western countries have reached at alarming levels. The youth of the society have become more and more addicted to drugs. Sixty percent of the people in western countries drink alcohol regularly with religious restrictions. On the other hand, today’s social media era is an era of chaos, anxiety and stress. Life has become very fast and every member of the society is engaged in the cycle of earning maximum money like a rat race. Capitalist societies are full of confusions, tensions and conflicts. People try to forget their stress and worries in drinks and drugs. Drug addiction in society is growing at an alarming rate. The government and society are deeply concerned about the ill effects of drugs. Drug addicts become sluggish and inactive. Today’s youth are suffering from various types of intoxication. Some drinks alcohol, some smoke cigarettes, some takes  opium, some drinks codeine, some takes boot polish, some smokes marijuana and some  takes fevicol lose their mental balance which has a deadly effect on their lives. Even school-going children are addicted to it. We always hear on the radio and watch on the television that today the students of schools were caught red-handed by the police while intoxicated. This growing evil has hollowed out our society. Millions of young people have fallen victim to this epidemic, which is not only difficult but also impossible to get out of this trap.  It is very much obligatory  to know who the devil-like human beings are behind this spreading disease of drugs. it is very important to take stern action against them. In order to eradicate this evil, every sensible person has to work hand in hand, otherwise our near future generation will have to remain ready to fight the Third World War not with any country but with its youth who are drug addicts. Responsible citizens of the society, parents and teachers are the main culprits if they failed to take action against them. Seminars should be organized in social media schools, colleges and all departments to eradicate this evil from the roots of society so that today’s young generation is aware of the harmful effects of this evil.
If the government bans the production of harmful drugs, smugglers bring them in illegally from abroad. But the government should take stern action against those who break the law. It is the duty of every sensible person in the society to come forward with any information related to drug dealers in their neighborhood. Action should be taken against those involved in buying and selling drugs in accordance with the law so that the society will get free from this drug epidemic . 
All the officals to be kept  on the  high profile chairs also have responsibility to crack down on the spread of the drug epidemic so that young people think thousand times before making such a fatal mistake in the future. If the sensible sections of the society are unable to take action against it, then these citizens will be responsible for the destruction of the plant in near  by future, the answer to which they  will have to give one day before the society as well as on the Day of Judgment. I am  hopeful that the sensible people of the society will not disappoint me and every one will contribute their best to erdicate it from the roots of society .
Every one knows the reality:

Liya Jaye Ga Tuj Sey Kaam Duniya Ki Imamat Ka 

Don’t let it happen on the Day of Judgment.

Aap Bhi Sharamsaar Ho Muj Ko Bhi Sharamshaar Kar