Book Review : KHUTBAT

By Mir Muhammad Nayyar Azam


Yes lockdown , everyone exhausted , everyone in a state of fear and trepidation , world seems to have come to a stand still .The normal movement of the people has come to naught , caging the people inside their houses cut-off from their relations apprehensive of catching the disease in case of any contact , snatching away the emotional satisfaction caused by the visit of near and dear ones .
In such a situation where one cannot move out fearing the deadly virus , i developed the habit of book reading. It is quite impossible to remain idle all the time in this lockdown without doing any kind of work.
I started reading some novels and islamic literature and i got a chance to get know different legendary authors .
My Days authored by R.K Nayrayan ,Lost In Terror by Nayeema Mahjoor , Train To Pakistan by Khushwant Sing , The Half Mother by Shahnaz Bashir , Kashmir Rage and Reason By Gowher Geelani , The Ideal Muslim by Muhammad Ali Al Hashimi and ” Khutbat ” by Syed Abul Ala Moududi (ra).
Among all the books mentioned above , i got highly impressed with Khutbat and will love to share its review with you .
Khutbat is a masterpiece by Imam Modudi (ra) and a worth reading book . It took me exactly a week to finish the book , and after I was done i called a friend of mine and recommend the book . It took him four days to finish Khutbat and shared the same views about the book as i had shared with him.

” Khutbat sach mae aek Karnamaiy Azeem ha , Allah Pak Moulana kae Darjaat buland farmayae “
” Khuda ki rehmatain ho aap par sou baar Moududi
Duaie de rahi ha jamiat sou baar Moududi “

Lockdown proved to be a blessing in disguise for me , for i got ample time to read Moulana Moududi like authors  and Khutbat like Book.
Aeman , Islam , Namaz , Roza , Zakat , Haj  and Jihad , which are the basis of Islam are beautifully explained in the book.
The terminology used is quite simple and understandable . I read the book bit by bit , to some extent understood what actually Islam demands and what we as Muslims are supposed to do .
We as Muslims should accept only and only Allah as our Master and should obey every single command from Him.
It is Ironical , we pray five times , we give zakah , we perform Hajj , we fast in the Holy Month of Ramdhan , we claim to be the soldiers of Allah , but we keep dancing to the tunes of hundreds of dieties.
It is but natural , when one finds a book to be interesting , he develops a thirst to read that author more , same is the case here , i read Khutbat , found it worth , started a new journey to read Moulana . 
After my matriculation , i developed an interest in writing with my first write up " Freedom Without Education Is Of No Use " , which got published in Rising Kashmir . One can write only if he has enough and adequate knowledge of the field he is interested in writing , so starting my journey of writing , i began reading newspapers , weekly magazines , some novels , some Islamic literature .
 I developed an interest in Islamic literature when a friend of mine gave me " Adab e Zindagi " , book by Moulana Yousuf Islahi as a gift on my birthday. This book developed in me an interest and passion to read more  Islamic books . Khutbat is one of the book , I read and as mentioned above found interesting amply and  worth reading .
While reading the book one thing becomes clear  that Islam is not restricted to mosques only , we should be able to follow the command from our Master in our every Field of life .
While reading the book , one gets a perfect definition of Islam , the surrender to God, meaning directing one's self to Him only , the one God , having no Partner , and worshipping Him only , relying upon Him only, and giving up one's self to Him.
Khutbal provides a detailed analysis of the teaching of Islam , in which all the needs of humanity have been taken into account and sufficient and perfect instructions have been given in each case.
Islam is a universal religion, providing vitality to mankind and is a bright and clear path to salvation in the life to come. Islam is indeed a complete code of life , regulating human life in all its different aspects and affairs, thus islam being the but natural religion of humans , has raised the standard  of human life.