Book Review Of Dark Endeavour

Shagufta Hassan

The catalog “Dark Endeavour” written by Ishrat Ashraf Malik is precisely the packet of poems, summaries and extracts. In fact the edition primarily converses about the tales having it’s new tone that indeed reflects about the identity of character who survives within the different environment. The author actually articulates about the various odds that a person faces during survival.

In birth, the author has emphasized the lines bountifully by capturing the theme about mighty personalities of every creature, the issues and trends, the tranquility of souls and day-to-day sighs of society.
In the opening pages of the book, author has immensely jotted down the role of Mother and Father. In Qur’an we have been directed to be good to our parents (Al-isra 23), author has tactfully tried to pen down the importance of being good to our parents.
Agreeing to author, Mother and Father both are gift from Almighty Allah.
In this edition the author addresses about the suicide and the suicidal thoughts. Though suicide seems a little word but taking life in the addressed direction is not easy the result is this suicide of thoughts has its own effect beyond the imagination as it does not only effect physically rather it disrecets internally then why we are suppose to do that. Let’s spent our time with our family and friends, let’s show some empathy, let’s love each other unconditionally, let’s devote ourself to our Lord and let’s find a solution together.
In the book if we talk about the features that author has used. First of all the use of strength of words is soft, every reader can grasp the message of each and every write-up. The messages are showing honest reflections. The author has created amalgamof themes in single vase. Sometimes the author has painted the write-ups with religious themes and somewhere the write-ups reflect naturalist moods of author. Like this every page is having a numerous advices, guidenses and counselings to a good reader.

As some glimpse are under:

Combined families like delebrations,
if we can, all day like celebrations.
Live together like a family,
left all pains and be frankly.
It was in past not in present
now it’s half and decent.

From the above mentioned stanzas of “society”, Mis Ishrat clearly mentioned that the status and fame is the biggest tools for standing humanity, it doesn’t matter how who the we people are, but being voice to eachother and standing behind every pain and problem is humanity. Mission is same for all but together it will rated as credential for deeds. Singularity can gain the worth of wealth but support, motivation, positivity and honesty will spread the knowledge of consciousness!
Similarly, in poem “Youth”, she tries to explain the role of a youth is that, the prosperity and success of a nation is enterily dependent upon the youth.

Beautiful voices around us,
Not sure, but cheers up.
See the mountains, fill with ice peak,
Found lonely and lessons teach.
Can silent prayers help us there,
find peace of soul and go from here.

In this poem Mis Ishrat addresses the beauty of “Kashmir” and the pain at the same time. The snow clad summits takes our breath, the Kashmir seems a wonderful place but it hides treasures of agony. And all we feel is the agony and agony all over again.
The kashmir displays a wonderful scene, behind the scene is quite troublesome showing pain, sufferings and tribulations.

This book definitely helps you to come out from the trauma , as she writes:

Life is a trust,
don’t waste it on drugs
your existence is so precious.
And let fulfill your life with fruitful.

From the aforementioned quotation, Mis Ishrat attempts to explain that time is very precious, Mis ishrat advices us we must take advantage of time and never use it in an inappropriate way to repent later.
In this book, the writings not only reflects her way of thinking in a simple and creative way but also motivates teens to love themselves. She tried to explain that life is a journey packed with love and inspiration, in life there’s no requirement of weeds, too good to begin with, life has the potential to lead us further than drugs, get the drugs out before it blows us out of Life. The more we utilize, the less you survive. We have no time to deal with drugs, we have no time for narcotics and we don’t have time for meds because our lives are important and our life matters.
The book “Dark Endeavour” has an interesting fact that can help an individual to overcome depression, anxiety and various unordered matters. Its important to mention here that the poet has not any stone unturn to put all efforts to display a picture framed with various suggestions that may be helpful in every aspect of life. I will give it 3 stars and it seems to me necessary to go through this book in order to made life’s environment favourable.

Reviewer Shagufta Hassan
Poet, author and educator