Book Review Of “The Ink of My Imagination”

By Shagufta Hassan

Insha Mukhtar Wani has come with her debut book “The Ink of My Imagination.” It is a pure work of poetry. Though a little read it is filled with both love and compassion from one poem to another, starting with a love poem about admiration, it’s amazingly written down with a deep meaning to every stanza. It is potrayed in a beautiful way using easily understandable words. Once you start reading it, you start admiring it, which shows tempting scenarios with a writer’s imagination.
In this book if we talk about style of writing, the author has provided a very unique plot to every poem. The flow of ideas is Pairing to topic, the structure of words is very common and admirable which attracts the soul of reader. Here is the brief summary and central point/idea of few poems.
In some poems, she’s dreaming about a person, someone similar to her, showing how compassionate she could be as a great writer.
The poem I liked the most could be “I will meet you”, in which she thinks of meeting someone special in her dreams like a desperate but peaceful lover. I especially liked this poem and in a similar manner each poem is connected with emotions. One of my favorite line in this book
“My fessing can rage the oceans,
So I chose to cherish you in drops”
In this poem the author’s perspective is broad seen, the every word in it has depths. Mostly the readers face illusions as if author has done it work in short, here is the same if the length is not so, but the words express the life experience.
Most of her poems are single stanza and free verse. It should mainly convey a single theme, we think that, but she has beautifully put strength in her words, even a few lines convey a lot many emotions, and her shift of pov makes us to praise her skills and imagery used in her poetry is raw. Her poems are a great deal for first book but if some of the poems were a little more in continuum, I’d say they could become perfect. I would read another book if she releases one. I will give it a 4 stars and recommend it to everyone, a person can read it in just one sitting.
Insha Mukhtar Wani has done an amazing job, kudos to her success.

Shagufta Hassan is a young writer from kashmir valley. She can be reached at