Boys : please save our AYESHA’s..!

By Umar Bashir

Everyone is well savvy about the viral video incident of a girl , who did suicide few days before after getting nauseated due to demands of dowry , taunts & the demands of her in-laws even after a girl let her father, mother , Real home , her twenty years of nourishment & Family , for a boy , who is unknown & then to make a balance in new home & much more. This Ayesha has also done the same thing in her new home but the way She did suicide , has shocked every soul only because she snapped a video before doing this forbidden step of suicide , as if this is not the solution. However there are thousands & thousands of such cases across every patch of globe,  especially in the subcontinent of Asia particularly in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh . It wouldn’t had been so surprising & shocked if not either taken by video or  taken in disbelief Religion but unfortunately happened in Muslim community even though had been very organized & most suitable process of tying knot , which not only protect populace from burden of these insane dowry & other cultures but also elates that position of girl  in society in this present degrading world. While intruding view on of own valley , it is not short of these dowry systems & demand of commodity systems from in-laws and cultures, Which aptly gives birth to late marriages & unethical relations.

    As it’s saying that , these demands mostly come from In-laws , parents of boys and society cultures , which we have made from years . But I don’t think this is Real claim because as the knot is tied for the boy with girl but not with the demands of other people , then why should be these effects demands so effective or influential untill a boy is not interested in these commodities. If someone or society is in urge of demand of these very Things , why can’t a boy totally refuse of this claim , if he is not interested. It totally seems a boy is Also feeble interested if not fully that is why this feeble nature turns you into a zero claim. And a boy should easily accept this , does you going to marry with commodity of with a girl , who will give you stability , who will give you worth , value, Respect & especially that urge , which will let you away from wrong things . Do a boy feel dowry or commodities more worth or valuable than this , if Such then a boy should go for some begging , so that he will collect more even without spoilage of two Fellows. It’s all upto the hands of a boy , who is going to tying knot because he has to go for marry and he is the ruler of this whole process , if he is Gona elate priority of those things or features like ethics , morals , value , nurture of family then no one could derail this very priority through this whole marriage process. What more than this a boy deserves , He is tying to knot with a girl , who has let her own home , that gives safeness for About 20+ plus years. With that very fellow , who is going to let her parents , who has nurtured and moulded her for about 20 plus years. And these parents are also same as that of boy’s parents , who demand commodities in addition for there Respective boy even at home. Does this mean , they demand commodities only for this purpose because they give her shelter , then what about those things & urges which you are taking from that very Girl.

    From this whole talk , it gives us the idea that our valley is witnessing these demands and cultural heritage taunts from society. So this becomes double right and responsibility on a boy , that to become reluctant for these demands by Refusing the demands of in-laws and society , and tie knot with a girl in a very simple and mentioned by Religion ,”” Make Nikkah simple and easy””. As our valley is also trapped in this marsh ,so to Deplete this very mance from the community , boys have to become most responsible and reliable about this issue because they have high authority on this very process , so there Role is pivotal . Boys have to change there preference from Community cultures towards Religious ethics & rituals , as these religious beliefs are most suitable and utter way of Simplicity easiness of Marriages. Also when anyone or society will demand anykind of Dowry or taunt , if boy will motivate and serve a girl positively then things will be definitely different and unique for a girl , her life too . When a boy escapes between in-laws and a girl as wife , then things are going worse & worse . So preference of boy and his importance is corner stone for protection of new Ayesha’s.

    One more thing , this very mance doesn’t remain at single patch or home a community but scatteres & divides proportionally & proportionally , untill it witnesses a home , which may be squat in economy then demands become burdens and Ayesha’s assemalating capacity ends and shocking videos happens.

            Also I request both boys & girls, please donate books related to marriage , while upon tying a knot . So that you both will aware about things and start new preference and things..