Bunglings in relief Commissioners office

Crime Branch Jammu registers case against blue eyed lady KAS officer

Jammu: October-02, 2021: Immediately after the migration of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 to Jammu & other parts of the country, the then government at the centre and then Governor’s administration in J&K swung into action to extend every kind help & support to the hapless displaced community. the heartening view in different camps in different areas of Jammu were enough to melt anybody to support the cause of their help, support and rehabilitation. Thousands of crores have been spent on the rehabilitation of the community and permanent residential township at Jagti has come up where most of the migrant families were shifted. The registered migrant families have been allotted 2 room dwellings with free power and water supply. These families are supplied free ration every month and Rs.13,000 as cash relief every month. This scheme is applicable to those families who does not have any of their members in Government job or doesn’t have any house of their own in the area.
However, in this process hundreds of cases are identified, where the beneficiaries have concealed the facts and despite being in government jobs, earning handsome salaries and packages, have got registered as migrants to avail the government relief and other free facilities unethically. In this process several officials and employees of Relief Commissioners office are directly involved who in lieu of bribes conceal the facts about such cases. There have been also huge heap of complaints about lcertain influential migrants about having more than one ration cards, flats and enjoying facilities and relief actually meant for more than one families. Besides, several people in the garb of being migrants are under illegal occupation of hundreds of government flats in prime locations of Jammu city, although most of them are in government jobs.
Jammu Crime Branch in a similar case has recently registered an FIR under No.27 of 2021 dated 08.09.2021 on a written complaint of one person of Jammu, alleging therein that a government Gazetted officer Kashyap Neha Pandita, a KAS officer(Tehsildar) in the U.T of Jammu and Kashmir, is a benificiery migrant with her family headed by her father Roshan Lal Pandita, who is drawing Relief of four members including his wife and two daughters . In fact other daughter of the accused Roshan Lal Pandita namely Kashyap Meenakshi Panidta is also serving as government teacher in Kashmir valley and is also drawing monthly relief besides her Sallary, It is further alleged that accused Kashyap Neha Pandita has also served as Camp commander Jagti for almost a year, but due to administrative approach and the pressure created by her uncle Desh Rattan @Rattan Lal Pandita who is a self-styled leader, always seen with the political parties and civil administration. He is said to have influenced upon the administration, to stall the punitive action against the accused KAS officer Kashyap Neha Pandita. Both the accused sisters, one despite of being a responsible officer is involved in such a crime that the common people could not be blamed on same pretext.
The sources in the relief commissioner’s office have disclosed that the office is aware of the fact brought to light above but, no action was initiated in view of the influence used by the erring official.
But, as per the sources privy to the case, The omissions and commissions thereof on the part of (1) Kashap Neha Pandita (2) Kashyap Meenakshi Pandita both daugthers of Roshan Lal Pandita (3) Roshan Lal Pandita prime facie constitute offences punishable U/S 420,120-B and other relevant sections of the law. Accordingly, the crime branch Jammu has registered a case in Police Station, Crime Branch, Jammu against the above mentioned accused persons and investigation is on.
It is pertinent to mention here that an upright JKPS officer Ramesh Kumar Bhat ,had tried to expose the dubious character and the corrupt practices of the erring KAS officer Kashyap Neha Pandita, but she involved her mentor the political activist and her uncle Rattan Lal Pandita, and got the officer implicated in a false case of Harrasment in order to gain sympathy of public and civil Administration . In view of this complaint, the up-gradation of the victim officer Ramesh Kumar Bhat to the IPS cadre was stalled. Although the government is now well aware of the fact that the lady officer has been manipulating the circumstances to inflict damages to the officer and to hide her shabby deeds with the help of her uncle.

However, Jammu Crime Branch under the leadership of Special DGP Arun Kumar Choudhary has exposed such dirty nexus in Jammu Kashmir Administrative services, despite all pulls & pressures from influential quarters. The case, though is being pursued in the crime branch, but the expertise of the upright police officer has been kept in hibernationand his career has been spoiled by false accusations.
Now it remains to be seen what action will administration take keeing in view the ground reality of blue eyed lady officer. (CNS)