Causes and Preventions of suicide

By Auqib Ahmed Akhoon

Srinagar, Mar, 20, : Every religion forbids praying for death, so how is it possible for a person to allow suicide after suffering from hardships, illness and so on? If a person commits suicide, he commits a forbidden act and his punishment will be severe. The Prophet PBUH said: associating partners with Almighty, disobeying one’s parents, killing one’s soul and swearing falsely  among the major sins in islam
No matter how pious and pious a person may be, and no matter how many good deeds he has done and what good deeds he has done, if he does this in the face of worldly troubles and failures, then all his good deeds will be in vain and ruined.
Mental concentration is essential for achieving high success in any endeavor. Nature has given man amazing power in the form of mind, man can make up for his shortcomings by using the brain. Negative thoughts always arise in the human mind as a reaction, people with immature minds shout when such a situation arises  hence they make wrong decisions, and  people having a mature mind, when people have such a situation, they adapt to it, so that their life journey can continue without any hindrance.
Suicide is a way out of adversity. This world is a place of test, every time and at every destination, a person comes across new problems and the only person who succeeds in this is the one who copes with all kinds of worries and reaches the final destination of life. The person who loses patience. in hardships and difficulties and ends his life in haste and impatience is  reprehensible because Later,  his second life (life after death) was about to begin, he would confuse his eternal life with his own deeds. In this second life too, the same person will prosper and enjoy it, who proved to be a servant of Almighty even in the most critical moments in this world, and he stood by it till the last breath of life. That is why Islam has made this world an appendage to the next world to come. The good or bad deeds done here will be rewarded in the next life. Suicide is also a wrong and undesirable act. Which will ruin man’s hereafter

According to Allama Iqbal the great poet and philosopher

“Understand death as the careless end of life
This evening life is morning life”

“All the conditions of man in this world are of hardship, even food and drink and all other activities are not free from hardship. But Allah Almighty has given man such power and strength that he overcomes these hardships and not that hardships overwhelm man. Not only Allah’s dealings with the suicidal person will be painful, but such people have no place in the world and its bad consequences will affect its family and loved ones and the matter of ridicule with their family members. He also loses the sympathy of the society. The one who committed suicide is gone, but no one will commit this forbidden act if it is estimated how much harm is done to his friends by this wrong action of his. That is why when Prophet heard that a Muslim had committed suicide, he became angry and said that he would not offer his funeral prayers.
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