As we all know that the country is suffering from lockdown since 2020 and Kashmir is suffering since 2019 due to COVID and some unavoidable conditions. Due to this all communities like businessmen, transporters and daily wagers etc are facing many problems because all these businesses are under shut down and there is no other source of income for these people resulting in shortage of money, food and other daily needs.
If we talk about those persons who have the responsibility of their families, parents, sisters, brothers etc and are the sole bread and butter earner of their families get depressed due to the shortage of money and meager earnings. They become mentally frustrated which leads to some big and immature decisions like suicide. A person might be thinking that after his committing suicide he or her family will be relaxed but in reality this is not the case. They throw their family in more traumas and disappointment. Family can adjust in small quantity of food and other essentials but they cannot live for a while without their loved ones. Also some children in poor families demand more than the ability of their parents like i-phones, cars, motorcycles etc which are not affordable by their parents but the child forces them to fulfill his or her demands and sometimes causing a mental agony for their parents and occasionally resulting in their committing suicides. So the children too should behave in a responsible manner and see what source of income their parents have and then demand something if worth.
Now if we talk about young generation or we can say teen agers are in majority which is committing suicide nowadays in Kashmir. There can be many reasons behind this but the main reason is DEPRESSION which leads to this unfortunate action of suicide. Depression can be of many types likes due to relationship, lockdown stress, education, family problems etc. If all these depressions are not treated or diagnosed in early stages they can lead to suicide. It becomes the responsibility of parents especially in these tough times to take some time for their children and discuss on these serious issue. If a child himself or herself some sort of depression he or she must discuss this issue with parents or they should consult some psychiatrists so that this can be treated before its ill effects gets generated and we lost control on our body and mind. If somebody thinks to commit a suicide he or she should think about their family and parents what will they do after his death. By thinking about his or her loved ones can reduce your pressure and you will not take this extreme step of suicide.
In these tough times we have to engage ourselves in different works like playing, tracking, spending time with parents, enjoying with friends and mainly to offer Nimaz because MOHMAAD (saw) has said that, NIMAZ IS THE BEST MEDICINE FOR EVERY PAIN. This can also help us to eradicate this HARAAM work from our society.
Our administration should think upon this serious issue wandering in our society and make some ways out from this. They can organize awareness programs in which they can do motivational speeches, psychological awareness and many more things to bring down this suicidal graph.

SHAHID SHAMEEM is a budding journalist and a permanent writter for Kashmir Canvas he can be reached at CONTACT:-9541666560 /