Suhaib Lateef As whole of the world has been under the transformation of catastrophic virus of Corona. To deal with it, most of the countries are under the continuous lock down.

As of now, On one hand, Many Countries, small and big are under economic crunch, many more are close to the couch and on second phase, the stunning continuous rising graph of Positive cases is increasing day by day crossing 2 million, with lacks of deaths, turning the situation volatile and more grim.

The outbreak has badly affected the Common man. As of now, This is same and equivalent for us all, against us, but for a common man weather a Street-vendor or Laborers, who are out of their daily work, the life of such common men are witnessing much rough and tough days. The situation has put a rancorous impact on their life, with no money and no food and medicine. If we look and regard at greater sight, Easily we will get thousands of individuals with hunger and starvation and  more no. of people are dying with this pathetic situation like laborers, vendors, migrants etc. Now, 

It is the responsibility and job on berm of upper class society, should fathom and conceive about the deadly situation. It should be a proud moment for us to help them. 


Religiously, Ramadan is upon us, we are remarkably economical and good in this month, full of blessing and generosity. Prophet (PBUH) acted as an instance and idol for us in terms of generosity and gracefulness for zakat and charitable nature. 

According to the law of Islamic doctrine, ”the more you give, the more you get”. The ” more you get” means A person who help the other give either in currency form or solid food or in any other form will receive a lot from Almighty is notably an exalting thought to go through this grim situation to help the poor. 

In next phase, the holy book of Quran reveals in surah Al-bakarah, ”indeed those who believe in righteous deeds and give zakat will have their reward with their Lord and their will be no fear among them nor will they grieve.

The third point in holy book affirms, there will 70 cent increase in reward of good and better deeds with a similar simultaneous decrease in any of previously done sins. Such a lovely mathematics. 

Plus humanity prefers and prevails social and civic help and togetherness, which shows and reflects the basic plenary structure. In this worrisome and cataclysmic time, we should be open and free to help for donations and endowment. 

The patience to help and it must go on, should be our elementary preference. 


As the lockdown and curfew is underway, when there is no access to outward and extrinsic market place for the poor and daily workers are suffering badly in this crucial juncture. They have nothing for their family, the economy and the bread. At this time, there is a dire need of Charities and beneficences with NGO’s ( Official and legal ) for these people, to help them, at least in their medicine, bread and butter.

The charity should be like, through right hand we should give with left hand as unaware for the same. The pathetic selfies and pictures have ruined the righteous and precious cause of Charity and Donations. 

Requesting, the charitable trusts, NGO’s and Civil society workers or local workers should abstain by this. 

We should abstain and refrain by these mistakes that are creating loopholes in the strength of Trust and  judgement. 

May Humanity prevail. 

Writter is student of SSM College of Engineering can be reached at