Today I am going to talk about a subject which many hesitates to discuss .’s about child abuse.

By Sakshi Khindri

Childhood is the primary stage of life .It knows no worry or anxiety,no good or evil .It is the period of both ignorance and innocence.The heart of a child is pure as crystal and it is also said that¢God lives in child”
But not  for all children for some children  their childhood is very bad experience because of child abuse.
Globally, it is estimated that up to 1 billion children aged 2–17 years, have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence or neglect in the past year (1).
In mostly cases it’s showed that the child abuse are mostly done  our closed relatives or teachers or other members who first win our heart and trust then play their card.
In some research it is showed that child abuser have no any type of guilty feelings what they have do to the children because they think that children as adults.
<who are child abuser? child abuser are also  like a normal person with very danger mind .they make a  full proof plan .They choose the target very cleverly .
<what type of mind status children  are suffering during the  time of sexual abuse?
<children loose their confidence.They can’t  share their feeling’s with their parents because they feel ashamed because of their lack of confidence and disappointment .
They suffer from emotionally trauma they don’t make friends and isolated themselves. Even when they sit alone they have always fear  of sexual abuser person.These kind of children  create their own fantasy world  where live two sided life one in which one time when they are suffering from sexual abusing or one time when they live normal life.
In our society every 20% children are effected by child sexual abuse.
Child abuse is not only happen with girls it’s  effect  boys are also affected in cases of child abuse
In 2007 in Government report it is seem that 53% children who went to child sexual abuse was boy.
<When children are suffered from child sexually  abuse why can’t they  share their incident with their parents?
<When they try to share their feelings they have no words to explain. Because of this parents don’t take things seriously.
<Because parents don’t create the situations or parents don’t understand the situation or if child told the incidents they don’t believe on them.when parents don’t believing what is child this hurted more than the incidents of child sexual abuse.
<One of the most common reason is why child not tell to their parents is( SELF -preservation) .They kept silence because silence is the part of child sexual abuse because  child sexual abuser created the silence by threaten to them or by others way also
In most of cases it’s showed that  mostly parents don’t do anything for their child because of only what  society will think.
<One of the question is who are the most effected child ?  
<It’s sawed that both boys and girls are effected by child sexual abuse
But it’s also sawed that girls are more effected by than boys because in some cases girls  get pregnant or this effected only not their mentally health as well as physical health also

At last When child told about their incident .
So what should parents have to do?
# Believe in your child whatever he is saying.
# When child told about their  incident .
#Give trust to your child.
#Apologize to your child.
#Listen to your child and tell them. That we will take action against abuser.

We should confront the child sexual abuser.
Again I m saying in most of the cases parents only think about society they don’t think about their children what    type of pain their child are facing.
To stop child sexual abuse parents should listen their children very seriously.