Children’s Day

Bol ki lub Azad Hein Tayre

Sheikh Mudassar Muneer

Shopian Kashmir

Aay shooray qyamat ! hum sootay he na ray jaaye

Es rha say niklay tu hum ko be juga jana

Children’s day is celeberated on every 14th of November across nation to proliferate cognizance of the rights care and education of children and today everyone is uploading snaps of their children on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They are the gignatic virtue of the nation and these children blossom and with the passage of time have to coup the responsibility of nation. They are the personalities who are the guarantors of the burgeoning of the nation. they are the politicians, bureaucrats, rulers and profitable virtue of future. They play an paramount role to save their nation by accord their inherent. Intuitive folks of the country are requested to get convoluted in their education and tutelage of children and moiety their best to help these swindle to reach their destination. By tutelage
children does not mean that one prudence about one’s children and Keep equip them with education or clinch their behest of routine life . All of them doesnot belong to opulent families but preponderance of the children in our country are endure from poverty and are being splinter in the mill of poverty and there is no one ahead of them who will take care of these innocent victimised children . they are forced to work on mills and washing centres while they do only to fullfill the pivotal requisite of routine life . We see millions of children who carry sacks on the streets. In these situations, the premeditated class is asked and their senses are awakened as to whether we are capable of celebrating Children’s Day. We are palpably not proficient of celebrating it . They try to keep their heads escalated in society by updating the snaps of children in newspapers and social media sites but we should be ashamed that millions of poor children whose bodies are utterly naked are lying in the dust , mud and instead of smearing oil in their hair. How can we celebrate Children’s Day by shun these ravenous, scuddy, impecunious children and especially orphans? We should bow our head down in society rather than to update the snaps of our children on social sites . This is the primary responsibility of every opulent citizens to provide brace to these victimised innocent children and they should take pledge on this day to make the fostering of these orphan, helpless, ravenous, scuddy children to made their aphorism of life otherwise they should refrain from such boasting.

Sabaq pher pad sadakat ka shajhatka adalat ka
Leya jaye ga tuj say kam dunia ki imamat ka