Consider reopening of educational institutions: KTA to Govt

Mushtaq Bhat

Srinagar, Feb, 12, Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has demanded that the issue of reopening of educational institutions in the Valley be considered after the outbreak of the epidemic has slowed down.

Ajaz Shahdhar, president of Kashmir Trade Alliance, said that there was a dangerous situation of covid in other states, however, now schools and colleges are being opened in these states.

Shahdhar said, “Students have suffered a lot. They are not benefiting from online education.”
He said that the closure of schools, colleges and other educational institutions had a negative impact on the participation and competence of students in competitive examinations.
Shahdhar said, “If there is no taboo in opening coaching centers, then what are the implications for opening educational institutions?”.

Shahdhar demanded rebate in School fee of students as shopkeepers, Daily wagers,and small traders and business owners have suffered from the covid.