“Contribution of Muslim Scientist : AL – IDRISI Al – QURAISHI”

By Umer Bashir

Centuries before the digital navigation apps z people relied on the work of map workers to illustrate the world. In the Field , one of the famous Cartographers to Publish early maps of the world was the Muslim geographer. Apart from this Magnus opus , Remarkable expertise , he was traveller as well as Muslim scholar. He was the ist man , who ist revealed that the earth is encircled by sea and surrounded by fire. This very special concept was directly taken from Holy , sacred and Most perfect book Al – Qur’an. In his map demarcation , Every region of the world was designed extraordinarily well. In the 12th century His contribution on Map was considered as most precise map ever made by anyone. Such a creative and innovative designation in the times , when there was no technology and services. This is really remarkable and most inevitable contribution done by famous Scientist named as Mohammad Al – Idrisi – Al- Quraishi. He spend his most of the life in the travelling through North Africa and Al – Aundlas ( Now Spain) .
Al – Idrisi- Al -Quraishi was the Arab Muslim scientist and is popularly known as Father of Geography. He was the ist , who devised the map of world with pure demarcations . Such map contains all kinds of demarcations including directions of rivers , lakes , mountains and most importantly detailed structure and information of main cites , borders and territories.
Born in Marrooco in 1100AD and had good influence in the departments of philosophy and medicine , was very much interested in history , Botany , literature and Astronomy. Al – idrisi draw world map carved into a massive disc of solid silver with two meters in diameter . This map showed seven regions and altitude regions , known as horizontal lines. Al-idrisi also pinpointed the source of To River Nile. It’s said that silver plate was destroyed during the rebellion in silicy . He wrote his famous book ‘ The Tabula Rogeriana’ by request of king Roger of silicy . This book took 15 years to write and in it , Al-idrisi described the map of world dividing it into 7 regions and Every region into ten parts elucidating them all and illustrating them as well . His book was the key reference of Europe scientists for more than 3 centuries . Eastern scientists also used take reference to that book and copied his map translating parts of it into various languages .
Such huge contribution is done in the times of zero annimation and nothing technology , while making a sense of his contribution it becomes obligation on us , not to forget such unsung heroes upto last breath..