By Musaib Nisar We all are very well aware about COVID-19 by now, The world causalities and deaths have taught us much more about it than we could ever have known if this pandemic wouldn’t have been so large scale but did we ever take a moment and realise that despite all the fear and negative effects this pandemic that has the world on a high alert right now is trying to give us all a chance to  give back to the society and the community as well as the world at large? Have we thought that this might be our chance of redemption? In one way or another we have been so busy in our lives that all we have been doing was to take, take and take things from the society, Through our businesses, Through our work, through each and everything we did, We never actually had the chance to stop our lives, Take a break from our daily schedule and think about the people in society who might be in desperate need of things. But right now we all know that this pandemic has almost all the people in every part of the world locked down inside their homes, People have more spare time than ever, They have more time to think, realise and reflect about their role in the society, community and in the world at large. We all know that this community lockdown has brought so many households on the brink of falling apart with poverty, hunger, lack of medicine, lack of basic necessities and we all know that these people were always existent in the society but by one way or another they managed to survive and live on their lives by running small errands here and there for people, But right now in the current situation where even the biggest of the industrialists are facing financial issues, and are in a messed up state of mind because there is still no cure to through which we can control this pandemic and get the situation going back to normal.

Now, in this situation imagine how would the life of a street vendor be? Who used to go out and get some money by vending the day so that he could feed his family at night, How would the life of those labourers and workers be who used to work hard for the day to be able to earn a few rupees to survive in this fast paced expensive world?

Me being an owner of a business unit can only imagine the pain and suffering of such people, those who cannot even share their problems and griefs with people for the fact that they might be mistreated and rejected for to helped out, I can only imagine how hard this pandemic has hit the poor class of our society, when we are so devastated by our losses in business, What would be the scene with such people? But then thinking about it makes me understand that we can change that, We are the privileged people who can make a difference in someone’s life and not everyone gets that chance, or even if they do so not everyone takes it, so that is what i meant by privileged. As it is said by someone “DESPERATE TIMES NEED DESPERATE MEASURES” so that is what we did, My Team of employees and my unit came into a collaboration with an NGO to call out for donations and help those families who were in desperate need of that and thankfully we are currently giving back to the society that we have always been taking things from, our society is the main reason of where we are in this life, This is an appeal to everyone, In your locality areas identify these poor families, These needy people and help them out, With food, medicines and may be even financial crunches, Such families who are not even able to afford their survival help them by donating to them, By providing them the necessities they need, by contributing to the NGOs, or the volunteer groups that are working to provide supplies to these families, Reach out to your neighbours see if they are doing well, reach out to your ordinates, sub- ordinates, and identify the people who are in dire need of help, This is the time when we all have to justify the word HUMAN, this the time when we have to serve Humanity with Humanity. This is the time when you can repay your society for the success they served you with, This is the time when you can redeem yourself with good deeds and charity, Even your single penny can make a huge difference in some needy person’s life. Most of us usually shy away from making small donations but i would say to all of you, Your small donations are not small at all, they can be very huge for someone who has been starving due to this pandemic, Take this pandemic as your chance to give back to the society, For we make a living by what we get, But we make a life by what we give. In these crisis help each other to fight this deadly virus and keep the spirit of Humanity alive.