ara nam ho to mitti bahot zarkhaiz hai saqi”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed almost every walk of life. It has disordered the macrocosm both physically and mentally. If we talk of Education, The only concern that makes the best and outdo foundation for bright Tomorrow, The main reason it is placed amongst the Top Priorities throughout the World.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities in education systems across the world, primarily affecting public and community health care, significant impact too can be observed in education sector, hindering primarily to extended and too long school closures. Moving through data analytics available, COVID19-driven school, Colleges and wholesome of universities and Education closures have impacted over a of billion students Globally. The fact is Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed the biggest calamity that humanity has faced so far. We all are going through perhaps the most trying circumstances of our lives.
Education disruption impacts our wholesome facility and fitness and had supposed a poor impact for the future and also outlawed a huge economic and lifestyle costs. Under such circumstances, it is fair to say that the majority of students have not only been left unequipped but also neglected by the situationally stressed education system(pandemic shift). As per current material information of WB information gathering more than 150 countries are reporting school and college cessation closures, that is the worse tragedy for whole as Globe. Now more than 70% of the planet’s children are out of classes, the disruption will ripple for years.
School cum university closures have not impacted students, teachers, and families, but have generated far-reaching economic and societal consequences. School closures in response to the pandemic have shed light on various more and social, and economic and more serious issues like suicides etc.The students are at a pinnacle of total loss as are situation hostilic and community antagonistic.
The Condition is calamitous and alarming as there is an uncertainty when schools and colleges will reopen. When students will turn to their hand to hand, mind to mind and book rough mechanisms. Educational Experts are warning for Online Studies however are much fruitful than nothing in hand. Plus, this is the crucial time for education sector because entrance tests of several universities and competitive examinations are held during this period.
School cessation decisions have to balance through different factors. One hand goes like, despite the low rates of infection among children, school closures are a critical aspect and pilaster of the social distancing tools to mitigate and reduce the spread of the calamitous infection and avoid an velocity and race of cases. The devastated Virus has locked, jammed the world, the Countries indeed the inner boundaries of States and provinces in the countries. The lockdown had put a mark on everything particularly the above discussed and influential and important Learning and education wholesome, wheatear professional, academic or Medical training.
Our very much unfortunate land, The Jammu and Kashmir, Like other demographic units of the country, too came under its claws. The Jammu and Kashmir which was already in the evil shadows after its demotion from statehood to Union Territory, was trembled by the unevenly wide spread of Corona Virus. More or less every class of the society got distressed by this virus, but one of the unfortunate classes which have been almost ruined by this pandemic is the student fraternity of Jammu and Kashmir, plus 2G internet services here with overloaded mental trauma in the cerebral and heads of students of our Land different from rest of the world.
Every Country including India is currently under the shabby and scabby Covid. The decayed and disruptive impacts of this inescapable Covid and Locked down position on Education , Learning and Teaching are far and too far to reachable status as;
As stated, As discussed, all major entrance examinations have been either cancelled or postponed including , medical, Agriculture, Engineering exams and Designing courses, etc. This situation has taken a pinnacle on Educational sectors. Some faculties including my friend and employees in other private redresses may face salary cuts, losses in increments.
Much of the handicapped and disabled students in response to a survey, have said that online learning was proving to be a hindrance, a big hurdle to them, 56% of students with disabilities/handicapped said they were “struggling, yet attending classes” irregularly, while around 77% of students said they would not be able to cope and would fall behind in learning due to their inability to access distance learning methods, A national magazine story revelation.
In order to overcome the losses, every individual is lucrative and advantageous to his time and money in these hostile situation. Politicians are busy in their work. Businessmen are trying to tackle the barriers which are hindering their business. Government and Private Employees are always in their busy blessed meetings to run their offices. Wholesalers and retailers busy in their work from an emergency door back of their workplaces or half shutters or night shifts. In this state and position, we see, we found only a section of people who seem to be lacking the courage and strength to look tired and bored, that is none other than an Unfortunate Community, that is the unblessed Student Community.
Maria Javid Khan, student of Tenth Class, waiting for her School besides Tuition class for a fresh start over to compel and complete her long pushed Syllabus as a cover to Governments recently passed ex Exam Notice to Students.
Ukaash Shabir and Charag Afnaan, both students of Class 9th are very curious about their future. The calm realty, the disturbance and simultaneous lock down is proving a real worrisome for both of them. There soothing mood shows all of their disabled courage and unconscious strength. As their continuous School closures since 2016 marks their depressive tail.
I am a College Student from S.S.M college of Engineering and Technology. I am out of College from previous August except for a month long Class work to pave for Covid.
The unfortunate student fraternity has gone up, raised up for online education like YouTube, Zoom Class, Goggle Classes ,WhatsApp video class and etc. But all that is dangerous, incapable and less prone to reading and learning.
I am a Student receiving my online classes with full capability and strength through Teachers and professors but I am unable and less passionate, non conducive to cerebral the whole material and resource knowledge they are providing, what about the secondary school Children’s and primary and middle class School students?
What about the students living in Rural and remote areas?
What for Students belonging to economically low status whom cannot afford smart phones and Laptops?

What about the field works of Engineering Students, the soil work of agriculture students, the projected laboratory works of Medical and Chemical Students and much more employed and professional works like that? What about them. Indeed What about Students who will get such prolonged degrees and courses that might help them in only to bind pressure to rising Competition and nothing else.
It is not Government’s fault nor People community are involved in it but some steps, some plus points can help us, indeed some welcome cooperator steps are required to mitigate the attention of Covid towards our loved Schools and Colleges.
Now apart,
For Students affected by this catastrophic ”Hope is best option’ ‘left with us Students.
Here is a Quranic Verse; “Indeed with hardship is ease.” -So we have to hope for the best. There is no way left for pessimistic opportunity. There are jumble of difficulties which we are facing and which we have to face. But we should know that there is not a single problem which has not a solution. But we can dealt, the solution lies with us, the power lies in us.
At last The encouraging couplet for the affected students,

”Nahin hai na-umeed Iqbal apni kisht-e-weran se
Zara nam ho to mitti bahot zarkhaiz hai saqi”.

But of his barren acres Iqbal will not despair; A little rain, and harvests shall wave at last, oh Saki).
A student is like a plant in the garden.
Iqbal (RA) here compares a student with the budding flower in the deserted orchard, simultaneously saying if the barren land receive some water and constituents, the flower will Shine.

May this Catastrophic Pandemic leave us free soon……

Suhaib Idrees Dalal
Daily Columnist, freelance Writer.
Student at SSM college of Engineering