Cricket Controversy
Punitive action won’t help: Sajad Lone

Srinagar, Oct 26, As netizens from outside Kashmir are demanding action against those who cheered for Pakistan in recently concluded cricket match, the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference chairman, Sajad Lone said that the punitive actions against anyone won’t help and these actions have not helped in the past either.

Sajad Lone reacted to a tweet from ANI Journalist Smita Prakash wherein she stated that Institutes should suspend them (those medicos who celebrated Pakistan’s victory) while investigation is on.

Lone responded saying that: “I strongly disagree. If you think that they r (are) not patriotic enough because they cheered for another team- u (you) should have the courage and the belief to wean them back if u (you) think they have gone patriotically astray. Punitive actions won’t help. Have not helped in the past either,” Lone Tweeted.

In another tweet, Lone wrote: “We live in Kashmir and have to live with those who r (are) ideologically opposed to us. But we are confident that it is a game of narratives of discourses. And that we will win. We will convince all about the goodness of our ideology. We will prevail. But that that is if u allow us to.” (KNT)