Ahangar Iqra Aziz

Depression leaves u lost
That is all
And in a way ,I guess it’s true
In every other way ,it’s a lie
Today u ask me what depression is
I m tired ,I say
feeling of sadness;loneliness; tear fullness
emptiness and hopelessness.
Depression is a murder
It kills me everyday
I look in the mirror
And I see these things
It’s a deadly message
That destroys my both heart and soul
It’s a sea of emotions
I m drowned everyday
It’s a toture without mercy
Tears and words my heart can,t express
Everything seeming impossible to bear
I call these days”The Dark Days “
I feel suffocated,embarrassed and ashamed
I am unaware of what is happening?
I am walking dead
It steals my everything I once had
It’s not that I can,t be happy
It’s a despite how hard I try to overcome it
But I can,t bring myself to be happy
Depression is like a war.
You either win.
Or you die trying.
And I’m afraid to say I’m losing.

Ahangar Iqra Aziz is a Class 11th
Student at Target PMT Parraypora