Do you know what is Domestic Violence?

It is easy to talk about Domestic violence for many people
But not easy for person who are suffering from domestic violence .
You know why
When someone is suffering from this kind of pain they only know the truth behind this pain.
I am Sakshi Khindri from Jammu and Kashmir i have suffered from this pain (Domestic violence).

By Sakshi Khindri

What is Domestic violence according to people and according to study?

-Domestic violence is a domestic abuse or family violence or other abuse in domestic system such as in marriage! This description is according to law or books.
But in my description Domestic violence is when someone break your all dreams;all emotions etc when you have no fault they hurt you again and again without any guilt concious whoever do this kind of stuff they don’t think about other they only think about their own feelings and happiness.
Right now I am only talking about  Indian domestic violence cases, if I will talk about all over the world case their is too much things to talk about.
In india 70%of women’s are victims of domestic violence .This is according to Renuka Chowdary; former union minister for women and child development.
In past domestic violence was legally addressed in the 1980s when the1983 criminal law act introduce section (498A)which means when husband or relatives of husband of women subjected her to cruelty.
The national crime records bureau reveal that a crime against a woman is committed every 3 minutes
A women is raped every 29 minutes
A dowry deaths occurrs every 77 minutes and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relatives of the husband occurs every 9 minutes.
This occurs despite the fact that “women’s in india are legally protected”from domestic abuse under the protection of women from Domestic violence act
Their is alot of things to talk about Domestic violence case but right now I don’t want to write deeply about domestic violence
I only want to share my own experience which I face from my devastating marriage
In last I only want to state that when
Women’s is suffering from Domestic violence it kill her very badly like some worms eat her inside day by day.
Domestic violence is not only physical hurt it is also a mental trauma for women which she have to deal even after the speration which destroys her life till her death.