Doctor; A Savior Or An Executioner

By Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

Medicines cure diseases but only Doctors Can Cure Patients.. Karl Jung

To start from the word “doctor”,  so he’s a person who can bring smiles on the faces of suffering humanity and as such the medical profession is an utterly respected profession. During this pandemic, the doctors have played heroic roles and have done a remarkable and outstanding job. We owe them  big time and it’s pretty necessary to appreciate their work. As it is mentioned in our authentic books of ahadees as well
Narrated Abu Hurairah : The Prophet Muhammad SAW said; He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah. (Abu Dawood 4811)
The doctors form an important segment of the society as they are an integral part of it and their importance as well as adequacy is known to everyone. The profession to which a doctor belongs is a profession in which day dignity, fame, honour, respect and most essentially well wishes of people always enhance and add on their value and status. With their hard work, dedication, perseverance and passion they reach such great heights where reaching is not easy for every human being. But now as the actual  spirit of service to the people waned due to worldly pleasures and luxuries, this profession has also become limited to the boundaries of livelihood only. Every now and then we hear from different sources of transmission, that fake doctors or doctors having fake degrees have been arrested. Furthermore, on and off we also come to know that doctors have prescribed the wrong or substandard medicine which has led to death of many patients. This is increasingly spilling dirt on this reputed profession.
Talking of the reality, govt. doctors prefer to treat patients in their own private clinics, or they tend to spend time at their private clinics only during their office hours or arrive late when they are particularly  supposed to be present at the hospital for discharging their essential services. We observe all of this and even are pretty evident of this whether in the private clinics or at hospitals. We also come to know abt the medical representatives who come to the doctors to   prescribe unstable and substandard medicines to patients in return of which the doctors receive commission as well as expensive gifts on the pretext of bribe..
We live in a materialistic society, where we can find those doctors as well prescribe unnecessarily expensive tests, substandard  and unnecessary drugs and even seem playing with people’s lives for their own selfish personal gains and motives. Many doctors associated with this profession suck blood of the poor and act as executioners in the form of saviors.  But they are in need of knowing what a very well known hadith says;”Only dust can fill a person’s stomach, not wealth.
Coming to the brighter side of it;we have also seen doctors sacrificing their lives for saving other precious lives. These doctors should be appreciated and valued. Their job should be respected and recognized. They truly deserve our gratitude as they are the current warriors working endlessly and selflessly.  So, a big thanks to all the doctors over there who are making thousands of lives beautiful every day.May Allah keep all of them safe and be their supporter and helper..
And on this auspicious day, we need to remind ourselves that ” We pay the doctors for our troubles, for their kindness we are still in debt”
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Columnist is Working as Edp Head in DD Target PMT Parraypora. He is a permanent writer for Kashmir Canvas and can be reached at