Talking about domestic violence first of all let me give a brief explanation about the issue. It is that type of disease which has been spreading in our society in which a woman after marriage is tortured by her in laws or husband due to many reasons in which DOWRY will lead the list. Women leave her parents, family with the hope that she will also be treated like a family member in that family where she is going after marriage but when we look around in majority of cases the women is treated as they have bought her from the market to ruin her life, emotions, relations only because she does not bring suit cases full of gifts and golden ornaments with her. Violence or abuse in any form has serious health consequences for the victim which is women here. It can lead to negative health outcomes such as chronic pain, increased risk of stroke and gynecological health concerns.
Domestic violence is a form of abuse used to harm or control others. This violence is a serious crime in IPC as well as in our religion. The Indian legal system has formed SECTION 498 A of Indian penal code according to the criminal law specially dealing with domestic violence. 498 A IPC states that “Husband or relative of husband of women subjecting her to cruelty”. This violence has drastically increased in KASHMIR which is a matter of concern for us. Husband can play a vital role in stopping this type of cowardness towards his wife if in laws were involved in such type of activity. At least society especially man should think that she has left her parents and family for him then he will automatically realize that how much respect and care she deserves.
Suicide rate has shown an exponential increase which is a matter of concern for both society and administration. If a women is facing such type of incidents besides remaining silent she must take the help of 3rd and 4th pillar of democracy that is judiciary and press by which she can not only save her life but also help other women facing same problem in getting rid of this. Concluding this I want to tell that if this violence is not treated at its initial stage the women in our society will never feel safe when it comes to marriage resulting in increasing chances of divorce which directly effects the mental and social health of child. In short it is that type of evil which does not leave any stone unturned.
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