By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

Just as lies don’t have legs, same is the case of rumours . If you look firmly, rumours and lies are inextricably linked. The alternate name for lies is rumour or gossips. Spreading gossips through social media has become a wonted of daily life. As soon as every human being hears gossips, he does not hesitate to communicate them to other human beings. Gossips escalate like fire throughout the society.
This is a great social evil which needs time to be deracinated. It is a blasphemy to communicate korero without any perusal, which leads to furore in the society. Gossips are always socializing in the valley. Every man harks to anything and appends gubbins on his own, which engenders chaos and confusion in the society as well as affliction which also promotes shady dealings. It has ill effects on every section of society. Socrates was once told by his disciple Plato, that his servant was traduce him. Socrates quickly hushed them with a hand gesticulation before aphorism this, put it to the criterion of three and then opt whether you should tell me this or not.
The first criterion that the korero heard should be veracious, the second criterion is to be spiffing and the third criterion is to boon the listener. Plato retorted that what I gleaned did not pass all three canon. Socrates guffawed and retorted, “Then coda it here.” In the same way, never rake-off gossips in the society before scrutinized every gossip heard on the criterion of three, otherwise there are odds of various furore in the society.
Nowadays, this social evil has taken root in the society to such an extent that the beginning of this social evil in the morning is the bakers shop which keeps following us till we go to bed at home in the evening. Every individual in the society has a role to play in promoting this social evil. This social evil cannot be deracinated unless each and every member of the society uses Socrates’ three-pronged modus operandi at odds with it. It is the obligation of every prudent person to raise his enunciate against the vile that are burgeon in the society and to be at the vanguard for their amelioration and to do so, an edified society is needed .Edified society depends on prudent thinking based on education and not on degrees.*
Shayad ki utar jaye tayre Dil Mai mayre Yi baat
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