Doodhpathri Service Reserviour a source of contaminated water

By Sheikh Zahoor

Doodhpathri a meadow at the foothills of Mountain peak’ Chanz was inducted into the tourist map during the rule of Mufti Syeed’s Govt. In 2003. The spot is situated in District Budgam under the administrative jurisdiction of Sub Division Khansahib, about 47 KM from Srinagar. The place is a source of drinking water from ancient times as there is a Archeological evidence that Raja Kanishka used to drain the drinking water from Doodhpathri to Ashreti through a clay pipe line.  The actual source of the drinking water is Shaliganga Stream which has its origin at Doomail Ashtaar Glacier about 80 KM’s away from Doodhpathri towards west.

Doodhpathri is being visited by millions of tourists every year.  It has provided employment to hundreds of souls but all this development is generating tonnes of garbage, pollutants,  trash without proper and scientific disposal. The same trash gets way in the near by stream and ultimately reaches to 12 Service Reserviors constructed by Public Health Engineering Department. These SR’s supply this unfiltered water to about 100 habitations including the Sub Division Khansahib and number of adjoining villages.  

The DDA is deliberately making it happen and despite proportionate human resources available the water is getting polluted with out any check or control.  Contaminated water is a source of number of water born diseases which is being contributed by the DOODHPATHRI on daily basis. Let Doodhpathri be developed at world class destination but not at the cost of environmental degradation.


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