Dowry ! A maledication

By Sheikh Mudasir Nazer
Shopian Kashmir

The enactment of dowry pervert is still on the upsurge in india .The most arctic is bride burning ,when dowry is contemplate skimpy by her husband and inlaws.Most of these escapades are given the silhouette of aleatory burns in the kitchen and suicides. It is palpable that there exists deep rooted prejudices against women in india . Cultural practices such as the reckoning of dowry is serving as death warrants for women in Indian society .The cancer of dowry is metastasize in a virulent form while the law to muffle dowry is total snafu .Herculean dowry is still behested even when the girls are amicably educated and clinch oodles more to supplement the emolument of the family.sporadically, after the dowry is settled , succour demands are proliferate at the marriage function itself ,making plight of the parents of the bride ,very pitable and pathetic.
Every year, thousands of girls are decimated and hassled in our country too much which extrot them to commit suicide. The reason is that there is nothing impugn with the girls but not to bring dowry with their in-laws at the time of their marriage. Nowadays parents of bridegroom have a buff yen to take their lad to the brood who are oofy to dehest dowry from them .Dowry is a voodoo in our society which is becoming steadily terrorize day by day, because of which the middle class are very vexatious and the elite class is also suffering . Preponderance of girls who are nubile to get married can’t clinch their hallucination for a long time because their parents can’t meet the behest of the boys. Today is the era of inflation inwhich gauge of nourishment is onerous.the parents save money to splurge for a lucid nuptials but when the inlaws behest for expensive artefact, they cannot meet the behest, which causes the alliance to parting before it happens, and with it the girl and their parents are also vanquished.When the dowry system was broched in our society, it was laudable. Most of the population of the country lived in villages and the preponderance depends on farming. In those days, villagers used to procure only salt extrinsic and all other prerequisite Items were produced in the villages.When the girl regained alertness, her parents would ask her to make small things for herself as a dowry. The cotton would be made at dwelling and She used to make cotton and cotton sheets for herself.
She used to make clothes for her dowry from home-made cloth. In this way the family members did not have to splurge much and dowry was predisposed slowly. Charkha and wooden boxes were made from the wood of the house in the village. Only a few gimmick had to be procure from the city. At the time of nuptial, the villagers used to concoct the food for the barat concurrently which did not unnerve the parents. At the time of nuptial, the girl would take her predisposed dowry with her. She used to emerge a new life. She had her own clothes and bed. Even if they were sunder from her in-laws, then she entailed them and they did not have any issue.But now the genre of dowry has transposed. Now girls can’t predisposed dowry at dwelling because bride behest exorbitant things cars, LCD’s and fridges . Obviously a pleb cannot manage much money and then he has to confiscate a mortgage which cannot be reimbursed easily due to which parents of the bride live all their lives in debts which ruined their derelict life. No matter how much the parents of the bride accord, the families of bride groom are not triumphant. The bridegroom inculding their families sledge and even trounce them which extrot to take draconian step to end their life.The steady rise of the gruesome dowry deaths has unfurl a sense of dejection and delicacy due to deficit of legal provisions and avenues made accessible to families who lost their daughters.Social institutions,women organizations ,Human rights commission must come forward to gag it.
Press and electronic media must play an paramount role to make such skirmish widespread but inspite of all these ,a social rouse is required to kill the ungodly of dowry.The paramount step is the social awareness at least among the women.if women of all families stop behesting dowry ,if they oppose their male counterpart for state of women would be changed.But ,this also does not seem easy ,in this materlistic world , where the crave for money, subjugate all actions virtuous or dodgy .
More stringent laws , more awareness ,more education to the girls more self -dependence of the girls and a social awakening can only gag this ever increasing evils of dowary .
The role of parents in educating their daughters ,in splruging at least as much money on their daughters for their chiefly development ,as they do for sons,can go a long way in eradicating the evil of dowary .in the culminating audit ,if a girl is competent and brawny ,nothing can fret against her covet and the problem of dowry would be no oddity.
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