Dr. Younus Kumar : A Genius Guide & Peculiar Supervisor

By Umer Bashir

I wasn’t only allured by the words but his actions were always in coordination with his speech. Wasn’t only captivated by his behaviour but his way of mannerism was every time in designation. Wasn’t Only magnetised by his intellect but his Vision over nuturing of student is always super savour.
Nearly few months before , I got a feliticious meet with one person at my rent room and in the while meet we use to speak words and make a discuss over many concepts. Sometimes those very confabs taper & become big and sometimes small , at the end we use to conclude them in a very calm way & that was the quality of our conversations. Days are running like the clouds and in these moments I used to concentrate keenly on few things , like interest of this man in Understanding things , behaviour , kindness and calibre of his intellect. Speaking honestly , I am get impressed by all these things and more importantly his character of down to earth even though attained such height in his career as well as in status position. His nature of help others especially students is always super & peerless.
Sharing my experience with him is an honour for me and an illumination for other teachers , guides and mentors. And I say , a solicitation to all teachers , adapt this like of behaviour with our students.
As a student & interested candidate in writing , I am writing many things , write-ups , poetry etc etc. Though having all these things in my hand but writing a research paper or mini thesis or dissertation or any other research paper like document was verily a hard load for me and was getting worried. Day by Day it was taking burden like position. One day I asked him , sir do you like to help me or sir , please bring me out from this trouble ,what I saw and then feel was really wonderful , surprising. 1stly ,It was his way of teaching and then nature of demonstrating then improving , polishing student’s mind(will) with absolute affirmation. These things gave me increment and lifted my interest towards that very writing (Research paper or mini thesis) which once felt I burden. These all peculiarities are found in one of the colossal , voluminous personality DR. YOUNUS KUMAR ; a double JRF qualified , P.hd scholar , presently at BGSBU as AP.
In this modern Epoch times , maximum number of students do contain a Laptop like gadget and it’s need is decisive in the academics but I was devoid of these too , so what I compile , I wrote on my mobile phone by typing. When Dr. Soub heard this , he said , take my laptop and compile whole , then I will give a thorough view and do correct mistakes and especially those which give physical look of writing. Though He was having hard busy schedule but still he was managing time and engaging time with me as in high centralisation. Thank you sir for being so beauteous friend.
While doing alignment of mistakes , many times I used to call him and he was always giving me positive response with high wehemence. This response was always so positive because his nature loves to help students and advise them towards the lambent direction.
Verily , most of the time I was repeating the errors , mistakes , aberrations etc which Sir has already explained and taught ; but I swear by Almighty he never said words in such manner ,which stooped me , my interest to iota of subjacent. Delivering things again and again , motivating repeatedly. What I say , I can sum by this line “”lucky are those students , who are his students currently or will come”” , I admonish you , HE is pearl , treasure him.
I would like to tell a lesson to all Teachers, my dear teachers please , please do borrow these above mentioned characters in your domain of teaching , you will be treasured by the fruits of students.