No doubt our educational system is worth to be commended and full of countless qualities but there is no intensity left in the system that can cope up with the expectations that has supposed to be met up with some great products and wisdom brains, it is now failed to fulfill the ethical individuality on the ground levels.
Our current colleges, universities and even the schools come up with such ruthless activities that not bow only the heads of the intellectuals and highly regarded minds but also the Ignorant in disgrace.

With each passing day we face unexpected accusation that drags us harshly with disastrous harvest. The relationship between the teachers and the students had now crossed the demarcations and put very dreadful impacts on our society and which had bowed the entire humanity at large scale. This does not happen after taking the space of years but now days we experience this embracement frequently, which cannot boost out system but cut the deepest roots slowly with remarkable consequences.

The image and dignity of teachers now changed and the students consider teachers as slaves which must be addressed before the fall of entire educational system. If we keep encouraging this disease in our children, the days is not far when a teacher would sit on the ground and the children will be taught sitting on the chair. This Is the serious issue in our system , books cannot alone solve this problem it has to be pained by heart to overcome if continues for a long time, sooner or later this is going to ruin our generations ruthlessly which can’t be felt in the way we encourage these notions without noticing them. Education and ignorance are two different horses we cannot ride both and make one journey with dual destinations. It is our preference which way to lead and which one to ignore.

The way that can drag us from gloom to light, from disgrace to honour, from beasthood to mankind, these things can be achieved by knowledge. There is no other way to put us forward and realize us where we stand. When the knowledge enters the ignorance settles down to coffin. But the fact is that we approach towards ignorance not in the direction of true wisdom and success, which has to be placed in our half inch mentality. How long shall we fool ourselves?

Which doors to knock when our mentors would be engaged in the shameful relations with the students, this is the highest peak of disgrace and we need to repend on this until our impure thoughts get purified?
Society is confused whom to call guide and whom to call traitor?

The most dignified and respected profession which is called to be the primary task of prophets sent to earth for reformation but it is very unfortunate that this pious job is now considered a nasty experience which also bowed our sky thoughts to disgrace. The educational system or the people who run this can’t be blamed. The fault and weakness take birth from everybody’s womb. We are at the merge of disaster where we must run back from, this is the alarming time to wake up and seek our true destinations to preserve our human identity or be sleepy and to be satisfied with the costumes of beasts that we have already adorned ourselves with. What is the reason behind when our finest brains compete in modern world but no success touch their hands, the drawback lies somewhere in planning, their education with the purpose of collecting assets not preparing them for the service which is totally a garbage of knowledge, later it proves a source of mental illness and gives rapid birth to the men filled with lust and out beyond the values of serving life.

We can’t blame the persons or we can say the traders of knowledge to be good in any sense, but before the people who consider knowledge as worship those must be regarded with honor and dignity certainly they are the minds where expect a reward out and best results. Knowledge is source of success in this mortal world and certainly for hereafter but that must be brought with solid practice, when knowledge is practiced on true bases, it will lead us to the success of this world and hereafter. If burdens are addressed but can’t be repented before the God and believe it that will be the philosophy of unethical surface with no harvest.

What are the reasons that our so called educational institutions are not producing the wishful souls who can be counted as the main resources of development of good society, how these institutions emerged with great purpose in the past years and now remained mere the shops of buying and selling of knowledge?
This is the question that takes place in every small and matured mind, in every single and collective group; these questions had completely stuck our generation which perhaps remains unnoticed all the time.
The fact is that the whole systems which were supposed to carry all human attributes along and nourish the human physical and spiritual outlay but unfortunately this system had died and left all the expectations in garbage, should not we count ourselves responsible for this?

Should not we even think for a moment after leaving our materialistic thinking aside for a moment?
This is really a time to address the whole chapter, read, practice and implements again to combat whatever spoils our moral gravest. Now our education system goes on with the essence of wisdom, neither a student’s learns in that way nor a teacher proves himself better to meet up the desired expectations. But this is not with all our teachers, there are still some dignified mentors who still light the candle of passion and inspiration into the hearts of students , should not we also salute those shining stars on other part , certainly we must appreciate their effective steps and hug them with our warm hearts for this handful of compensated wages.