By Musaib Nisar

Coronavirus is no alien to anyone now, We all know and understand more about it now than ever before, With this growing pandemic comes growing knowledge about it’s nature, However we are all still looking for a permanent cure and i hope that we will find one soon, But as long as we don’t have one we all have to suffer the repercussions and the loss that has been caused by social distancing and the community lockdowns, This has led to many households running out of bread and butter, The daily low wage workers who mostly are the sole bread winners of their houses, Upon whom lies the whole family and depends for even the basic necessities. Such are the people who have  suffered the most and the worst consequences of this Growing and spreading pandemic, Covid-19 has actively affected every sect and every part of the Globe, every single person is in one way or another suffering the losses and going through difficulties due to this pandemic but for the low wage workers the situations are even worse and the condition is way more threatening to them than that of any other sect.

People who used to go out on a daily basis and work for their livelihood, Work for the day so they can eat something at night, how are they holding up in these circumstances where they aren’t even allowed to go out? We all know that there is a class in our society that includes the street vendors, the daily labour workers, the factory workers, workers in private sector and such people have to go out to get a day’s job done to earn money. They are no govt employees they aren’t getting paid for staying at home. We don’t even know whether these people have something to eat at home right now or not, we have no idea how they are holding up and how they are making their lives out in these desperate times, where they can’t even go out to sell something to get money in lieu for it, we the people who have mild to moderate luxuries in life are struggling with things, imagine how these people are doing where most of them don’t even have savings to be used in such times, We can only imagine or talk but we can never understand the pain and grief and the threat and helplessness of such people right now, Despite the food banks at work, despite the NGOs working for such people and despite the fact that there are volunteers who help such families in these times where they are in dire need of help, we still cannot say that each and every single one of them is receiving the help they deserve to get right now, Most people shy away from asking for anything from anybody because they fear that they might lose their dignity if the person whom they are asking refuses to help them in anyway, and for that they stay silent and shy away from asking for help. Now what do we do in such conditions? 

I guess on a personal level we can make community groups and collect a community fund, identify such families and serve them with the help they need, be it food and medicine ir any other ki d of financial help we can arrange, but then again most of us do it for publicity, we turn our act of charity into a stunt of publicity and fame which kills the real spirit and essence of charity and help, We need to understand the fact that we are privileged to be able to help than to be the one asking for the help, Put yourself in the shoes of these people and then imagine how they are going through and how you would feel if someone helped you and made a little publicity stunt out of it, so i would request all of you to take into consideration these details and think where you are going wrong in help and charity and get it done rightly. Indeed, the righteous are blessed from God and those who do charity and serve the humanity for good are served good by God through the bounties of heaven, so let us all strive for the betterment of our people and let us all help those who are in need whilst we can.

As i am concluding this write up i would like to request the govt to take necessary steps to ensure that such families get their wages and get their basic needs fulfilled because this is a desperate time and As we all know desperate times need desperate measures, So our government should take such measures which can make these people’s lives a little better in these chaotic times.Musaib Nisar is a young Enterpreneur and owner of Himaliyan Peaks Wood Industries he offfently writes for  Kashmir Canvas