Eggs One Of The Healthiest Foods On The Planet

‘The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not smashing’

By Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

Eggs have been eaten as part of a healthy and balanced diet for thousands of years. Eggs are considered a cheap, economical source of high quality protein. There are many types of edible eggs in different sizes and flavors from chicken, duck, quail and others, but chicken eggs are the most popular and commonly used. Whole eggs are full of many nutrients and that is why they are considered as one of the most nutritious food we can get.
Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium, lutein, zeaxanthin, choline and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper..
Why you should eat two eggs every day

1. You will protect your liver
B-vitamins aren't the only ovular micronutrients that contribute to eggs beneficial effects on liver health. Eggs are also in the nutrient choline.
2. You're slowing down the aging process
Yellow organic pigments contain carotenoids (antioxidants) which can slow down the aging process.
3. You'll loose weight faster
With a glycemic inbox of 0, eggs fill you up and help you lose weight.
4. You are doing your skin and hair a favour
Biotin, vitamin, B12, and protein are important for healthy hair and radiant skin.
5. You're lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is because eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids 
6. You're keeping your eyes healthy. Vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin help the eye with light/dark vision, color vision and daytime vision, while protecting the eye from free radicals. 
7. You're lowering the risk of birth defects 
Vitamin B8 (folic acid) protects the unborn baby from damage to the central nervous system. 
8. You're keeping your bones healthy. Vitamin D and calcium are very important for healthy bones and teeth. 
9. you're protecting your brain. Your brain and nervous system require the nutrient choline for transmitting to stimuli. 
10. You'll boost your immune system. If you don't want to play with infections, viruses and diseases, add an egg or two you your diet daily. 
11. You'll save your life. It can make 11 essential  amino acids, which are necessary to sustain life. Thing is there are 20 essential amino acids that your body needs. 
13 you'll lower inflammation. Lower inflammation. Has widespread health benefits that range from lowering risk of cardiovascular disease to improving the body's ability to break down fat. 

The benefits of eggs
Boost brain power.
Protect eye health
Facilities muscle building
Improve your mood
Lower risk of cancer
Encourage healthy hair and nails.
Helps in maintaining healthy weight.
Kids should eat eggs, especially
‘Mindful eating is about awareness when you eat mindfully, you slow down, pay attention to the food, you’re eating, and saviour every bite.’

Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon
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