EGO : a vanishing thing

By Umar Bashir

Considering yourself what you’re not and then consuming efforts to protect that bogus yourself is the real and legitimate definition of Ego. This very thing has become very common and disrobed feature of our society . Many people are wearing such kind of pseudo bolt our himself in many means by marqueed the real estate of their character , behaviour , pleasurable life and with this Respective man is not only treasoning his own life but also our members of society as well.
While considering collectively , ego is the root cause of maximum problems individually and grieve problems at the collective or community level. As ego is the self estate which becomes an obstacle or sheild while acquiring anything positive for society or for reality of himself , this ego forces us to remain selfish and Think ourselves merely , which subjugates real us by the false ego. But while remaining intacted with this kind of estate it will geniuely give us solitude , loneliness , self admiration etc etc which are things of anxiety concern because one has to protect pseudo image then if he will see anyone other with more details then he has to change the status and protect that which will give him ego front of protection and that may turn into more solitude. Ego mostly clings you to the definitions of our past and fears of the futures , so it alienates you from the Real world and with the intention of to protect your pseudo image which you have portrayed in the domain of public. In reality Ego is the double edged sword, on the one side it will betray your own self and on the other side it will cultivate annoyance in the hearts of others , so one who show arrogant nature with others so will be it’s results means hatred will be it’s ambience. In short we should show despotism with the ego estate and should remain with real one , which is fruitful for both society as well as for our own self.
Now a days , it has become a trend in the minds of many people to develop self supermacy & self importance or in real terms to develop ego and many more are encouraging it , but being a Muslim and did our Role model do that . Prophet s a w stresses on the important things while socializing our existence are , humbleness , forbearing and selflessness. So when our Role model , beloved and altitudinous worthy Prophet s a w adhered from this type of estate , how could be it fruitful for one’s life or for the life in any society. Our beloved Prophet s a w and world’s best teacher Never let ego in the way of interaction between people even though of different mindset and annoyance . Prophet s a w always talk to them and listen attentively thus refraining from any situation. Prophet s a w smiled very oftenly and never considers small gestures beneath the status. And always interacts people with smooth and balanced tune thus making it more geniune and attractive. So world’s top and perfect teacher cum personality opted these things , then why should we get opposite things for any pseudo worth. Worth and value is in the teachings and lessons of beloved , so adopt those and feel the value of our own will and of the people as well.
Ego is such a disease which intentionally activates on the reprocation of harshness , revenge of single pity talk and disputes , grievences in the family Matters. So adopting any such pseudo character which will desolate , deface your marital as well Social life , how could be it well being for any single . Actually it’s illusion of eyes , guts and interior reclaimation which gives you pseudo amuse for accepting such things. This needs to be stemmed at the bud by prayer and repentance. Allah the Almighty alone is the source of any achievements of man. He gives both the opportunity to realize them and power to go through with them. Submission to Him is what makes anything in this world possible. Once that is taken care of, the rest of the ego story shall take on a more promising edge. So shun this pseudo claim and be the real not the reel one..