Eid ul Azha and assurance of Qurbaanii

By Umar Bashir

While Whole Muslim world is propitiating Eid ul azha with high exertion and liveliness way . The exigent and ostensible annotation during this EID is “”Qurbaanii””.
The most intentness and imperative avocation is to  cognize the “qurbaanii”” and its emblem..
This is the figuration which Suhabass inquired from PROPHET ( s. a . w) ‘ma haza l azha ya Rasoolul la ‘ ( O Prophet (s a w) of Allah ..! What’s is the authenticity and genuinety of Qubaanii..!
In reply Prophet ( s a w ) obligated : ”Sunnata Aabeekum Ebraheem” : this is the sunnah of Our Father Ibrahim ( AH) . That sunnah by which Qurbaanii is accomplished by every one . That sunnah which is performed by the 100 year old father by obeying ALMIGHTY’s order , picking up knife and driving on his unigenter son and through this HE devoted his adorations and infatuation of father son and sacrificed HIS Passion and feelings for the acceptance of ALMIGHTY’s teachings / order. In this way Qurbaanii has become elevated event in the history of the Islam and forever is annexed into the circle of the Islam. Consequently , Eid UL Azha is awareness of that very sacrifice , whose juxtaposition and parallelness is inadequate in the history of mankind.
We should have keen audit and Research on this very avocation in this whole towering important and popular event that the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim ( AH)
and to which height this very sacrifice attains importance among all the chain sacrifices in the Islamic history but before all this let us have cognizance towards the objectivity of our life and in the topic Quran teaches us like..
“””Who created death and life that He may try you to see which of you is best in deeds “””
Almighty Allah has created both life and death and in this canyon way , He  will assay you and Wana show open results who is good And who is unpleasant , Almighty knows this fully  but HE had to show and satisfy us towards this exam.  For this clearance and cessation Almighty has determined two probations , ist one is sapience Vision and solicitude , cognition and 2nd one is exam designee , intention , behaviour and our abidance. For this acquittal clearance  the best example is the event of this Qurbaanii of Hazrat Ibrahim (A H) and quran connated like this…
Al-QuranSurah 2
“””Recall to mind that when his Lord put Abraham to test in certain things and he fulfilled all of them, He said, “I am going to make you the leader of mankind.” Abraham humbly asked, “Does this promise apply to my descendants also?” He replied, “My promise does not apply to the transgressors.”””
That was the ist exam of Hazrat Ibrahim ( A H ) and it’s (exams) coherence was definitely with the abidance o ideas and cognizance o perception . Prophet inbred in such assail of Environ where every corner was full with heathenry . The most and high intensified heathenry in that assail was they were performing duties other than Allah and they were under the non Islamic state Rules and in this way there was pantheism propemderate as well. After high reflexions and meditating Hazrat Ibrahim ( AH ) has totally abneged this Baalism and from abyssal edges of heart HE louded the utterance of Single God and voices whip like….
“”””Behold, I have turned my face in exclusive devotion to the One Who originated the heavens and the earth, and I am certainly not one of those who associate others with Allah in His divinity.'””
And in this way Hazrat Ibrahim (AH) passed his Ist exam of abidance and sapience .
Now it was the spectar of 2nd exam , whose base is on the actions of kirdhaar , Seerat and the intention of performance in exam. The ist thing about this is to sound the Voices of Tawheed in the ears of Own house or Kiths and it has been quoted in the surrah Maryam as..
“”O my Aba Jaan.. Don’t embrace and greet shataan , assuredly Sharan is the malcontent of Rahmaaan.”””
But this humbleness , celibacy and honour , devotion has been answered by His father as like ..
“”” O Ibrahim …!! Will you evert from my divinities..? Means , you will crunch and poach our gentilian o racial doctrinals with foots ) if you will abjure from this , I will lapidate you utterly. That time you will definitely become away from me and get away from my home .
In reply Hazraat Ibrahim (a h) answered smoothy and balmly..
“Have asylum of safeness on you  , I will pray supplications towards my RUB for your remit and forgiveness , infallibly My lord is utmost benigh and benevolent.””
Means He Ibrahim ( AH) has downtrod his father’s obedience for the cause of Perform Allah’s conformity and observance. In this way His designs , resolutness , abidance and seerat become concrete and fortified for the cause of Islam and passed the ist exam.
After them HE confront face with the populace of the rest community as they were well realizers of multi whoredoms and where on the Extreme point of Heathern. Harzat Ibrahim went towards there josshouse , sabotaged there all idols without the larger one . He let his tool on the shoulder of the big one and when the populace of this community approach towards josshouse and behold such demolition , they buzzed voices and  expressed who had estated such conditions of our Idols …who is ..who is…Few people disclosed that we have heard lot about these idols from the mouth of an Unknown Man Ibrahim , they went towards him in fully agglomeration manner and questioned him about this situation and whip crisis…
In reply Hazraat Ibrahim Replied : ask same very question to this Big idol and also get access about the condition from these little and demolited idols , on this very important moment they get conviction that these Idols can’t speak a single word neither they will reveal anything . Absolutely hazraat Ibrahim has ellucidated the actuality over them but unfortunately they were not so prepared for the acceptance of this doctrine. In this sound way He Abraham passed and crossed the exam over this heathern . We can get many lessons and topics on this from surrah Saff and ambiya..
After then Harzat Ibrahim ( A H ) has concussion with the Respective authorities of the diabolicalness Government , resultantly some sort of remonstrations and warring with the emperor NAMROOD , who was accuser and clamant of the Oneness of God. He was in deep confab with Hazrat Ibrahim on the topic about oceans . In the same confab Hazraat Ibrahim Reveal , my Lord is who , who gives death and life ‘ in this context Namrood replied , I can also confer life and death . To prove this very accusation , He abjured two captives from the jail , from them one was decapitated and other let free , in this obliquitous way He satisfies ourself . On reply from Hazrat Ibrahim said , with my lord’s sun sets from the east and Dawns in the west , if you Wana surely show capacity on This then show vice verse over sun’s process. On this equation these rendition remain shocked and dumpfounded and they didn’t even replied this challenge. Through this whole process Hazrat Ibrahim has categorically expressed the Kilmah in forth of cruel , oppressive and apostate Entities.
After this Hazrat Ibrihim has faced one more amplified ordeal . Either you have to let this path of Tawheed or remain prepare for the causlity of you. Hazraat Ibrahim remained steadfasted on HAQ and didn’t got away a bit from His objectivity. Namrood ordered to his Company members let burnt his son in embers and was processed . Hazrat Ibrahim was divulged that frisk in the embers and He Frisked but Almighty conveyed to fire , don’t be as hot as HE could feel hotness nor be so cool He could be chill , remain in moderate and embers follow procedure of Blossom. In this way HE successed in another ordeal.
After this Hazrat Ibrahim pontificated for Emigration like other Ambiyass followed sunnat of Messengers. As HIS homeland has become harsh for his livings and has become plaguesome for his life , without promulgated any destination He departured from his inborn homeland . In this emigration world prayed Duas towards Allah for adding some justifier and adjutant fellows , the ist fellow was added in the form of Hazrat Ismail . After this Hazrat Ibrahim passes through sarcuous and vigorous ordeal , revealed in the surrah safaaat ….!
“”Oh Allah …Inbred me a son who will be virtuous and affirmant”” Almighty endow him such featureful Son. When This Son become endeavoured and matured ,Hazrat Ibrahim asked towards him (son) ‘
When the boy reached the age to work with him, (one day) Abraham said to him, “My son! I have dreamt that I am sacrificing you.Now tell me what you think of it. ” He said, “My dear father, do as you are being commanded.You will find me, if Allah so wills, of the patient.”
One should note that the Prophet Abraham had dreamt that he was sacrificing his son and not that he had sacrificed him. Although at that time he understood the dream to mean that he should sacrifice his son and on that very basis, he became ready to sacrifice him, with a cool mind, yet the fine point that Allah had in view in making him see the dream has been explained by Himself.
The object of asking this of the son was not that he would carry out Allah’s Command only if he agreed, otherwise not, but the Prophet Abraham, in fact, wanted to find out how righteous, in actual reality, was his child for whom he had prayed to Allah. If the son himself was found to be ready to lay down his life for the sake of Allah’s approval and pleasure, it would mean that the prayer had been fully granted, and the son was not his offspring in the natural way only but was morally aad spiritually also a true son.
The words clearly tell that the son had not taken the dream of his Prophet father to be a mere dream but a Command from Allah. Had it not been a Command actually, it was necessary that Allah should have explicitly or implicitly stated that the son of Abraham had mistaken it for a command. But the whole context is without any such allusion. On this very basis, there is the Islamic belief that the dream of the Prophets is never a mere dream it is also a kind of Revelation. Obviously, if a thing, which could become such a fundamental principle in the Divine Shari’ah, had not been based on reality, but had been a mere misunderstanding, it was not possible that Allah should not have refuted it. It is impossible for the one who believes the Qur’an to be Allah’s Word, to accept That such an error and omission could emanate from Allah also.
Hazrat Ibrahim had supplicated Allah and with requisition get a son , later when his son become mature and of the age of assistance . Then from Allah the ordeal of Infatuation , the tests of emotions and avidity of ambitions starts . With Allah will HE got the commnads through dreams by sacrificing his son . Both son and father followed the command of Allah very well and Hazrat Ibrahim whose age was about 100s elided his son anteriorly so that HE can’t behold his face because Hazraat Ibrahim was in fright that emotions may not over dominate me that’s why elided anterior , so that HE can see his face.
When Father operated the knife vanwardedly , the examiner outvoiced himself , you have attained success in this exam. We have accepted your success. In this way Allah endowed them animal from Jannat  and was slaughtered on this special occasion.
While passed through these ordeals , Hazraat Ibrahim has been positioned as the primate of the populace and blessed with divine cause. Subsequently the Hajj and Eid UL azha are those obsevandum worships , which brood over or linger because of Hazrat Ibrahim. Qurbanniii in the Hajj is the basal segment  and on the occasion Eid ul azha ‘ Qurbaanii ‘ amplified Hajj . Millions of animals are sacrificed on this special occasion of Eid and are slaughtered all over the world. On the one side it recaths the memories of Hazrat Ismail and Ibrahim and on other side it resonates that Muslim should be highly Passionate and enthusiastic about this occasion and should slaughter his own lovable n more lovable Animal as Qurbaan . Not only qurbaan but should always prapere himself to Sacrifice his own precious thing in the path of Islam at any time as like Hazrat Ibrahim has done and got success in every ordeal .
We all should keek , overpeer in our own interior and behold our desire Passions for the cause of Tawheed and how much energy and enthusiasm we are spending in the cause of Islam. We should have clearence about this Qurbanni , that slaughtering an animal is physical worship , it’s immenance worship is ” Takwah” which is real motif . Upto Allah the meat and blood are limited quantities but factual quantity that extends Upto Allah is “takwah” . If we haven’t any takwah and factual spirit then we shouldn’t be give the real reward of the Qurbaanii. Qurbanii ‘s real , truth and main motive are those tests , ordeals and exams through which Hazrat Ibrahim has passed then got success . We should think about this , on eids we are slaughtering our animals but will we slaughter our passions , pracious and lovable entities of our life for the cause of upliftment of Islam , if we confer our precious things for this cause then these Eid qurbanii will out show colours but if we don’t show Passion towards the sacrifice of our own precious things then this Eid qurbanii is of no use , will only get the Meet and greet things nothing more….
May Almighty endow us those hands which will help Islam for the upliftment and bless us those passions and intensified cognizance which will assist Deen..
Quran says…
‘Surely my Prayer, all my acts of worship, and my living and my dying are for Allah alone, the Lord of the whole universe.
He has no associate. Thus have I been bidden, and I am the foremost of those who submit themselves (to Allah).`