Environment means total roundup or a sum total of all surroundings of a living organism including natural vectors, providing conditions for development, growth with turbulent dangers and serious threats also. 
It contains wholesome of living organisms and non living components as well. It is a fact every part of the environment is their to facilitate us, human beings. Islamic doctrine mentions a Man as ‘’Ashraf ul Makhlooqat’’ meaning the ‘’best among creations’’ but we have not been created to cheat or exploit other Components from their freedom for our foolish and selfish needs. 
Environmental protection or environmental conservation becomes immediate necessity of the hour as it the only recourse now with us, completely for us, sustainable for us.
Pollution levels have heightened, Environmental pollutions like water pollution and air pollution, which could be pathetic, deadly for human core, our coming generations. Acid rain example is a well worst example. No doubt we are fooling ourselves today by seeing at the green gold and natural waters only for us. We are not seeing at our next generation. By these pollution and our bad anthropogenic activities we have destroyed everything, every minute thing from the home of a local trout fish to the levels of Man Animal conflicts. 
Only better need practice is now its Conservation, the practice could be to curb environmental pollution wholesome in developing countries, underdeveloped countries and Super development Countries orderly through commissions,  articles, Conferences, so as to make awareness regarding the impact. 
Islamic doctrine, A complete path and way of life, therefore can’t and haven’t ignore the guidance, supervision and management facts. 
As Islam have mentioned the man as father of generations, therefore it had been obliged to an individual to take care of other components, weather living creatures or non loving components. 
Nothing has been created useless or ineffectual,  All created components serve their purpose of creation. Islam doesn’t allow a believer in the environment or the universal created the the Almighty. 
No doubt Islam had uses of wood fire etc. but Islam prefers judicial use and sustainable development. Islamic concept of environmental protection and resources conservation is based on fact of prohibition of over exploitation. 
It is known fact, Islam prefers greenery, Prophet always encouraged for more and more plantations, growing trees, revealed through many Ahadees like:
‘’Never does a Moomin plant a tree, but a reward of charity, what is eaten from it by birds or other creatures remains stead Sadqae Jariya’’. 
If the rebirth or renaissance established upon you has in his hand a plant sapling, then plant it.
Many more Ayaa Qareem are there for the conservation as well. 
‘’Oh Children of Adam! Eat and drink everything what you want as it is all almighty’s free wealth for us, but waste not by excess, Almighty doesn’t love waster’s ‘’
Islamic expresses complete hatred and anger over wastage or exploitation of resources by wasters. 
In one of Dua’s ,Quran mentions ‘’don’t dare to harm my created charm and Green culture as I have also given them life like you all’.
These teachings and cultures only highlight the stress and need of Islam on avoiding pollution of natural maintenance to protect our Globe. Scientists on daily basis are focusing for a need to imply on the facts to save forests, natural waters and creatures. Witnessing time, we have only the output of Amazon Forest fires, American cyclones, Utrakhand floods and Kashmir earthquakes. 
Being Crown of creations, we must ensure the safety of our environment, in order to seek pleasure of almighty and serve our society as well. 
At last reminding and remembering Sheikul Alam R.A and his famous quote, 
‘’An Poush telli yelli Wan Poush’
meaning ‘’ You are alive till your forests are alive’’
Our Valley has been called Paradise, impressive need is therefore to let it live and love like a paradise. 
Suhaib Idrees Dalal 
Student, Columnist can be mailed at suhaibdalal7923@gmail.com