Exorbitant dough is treacherous

Bol ki lub Azad hein tayre

Sheikh Mudassar Muneer
Shopian Kashmir

No demurral dough is  germane exigency of an hour but having superfluity dough is also a sizeable torment which never legitimates  a hombre to sojourn in tranquility. I have never seen a hombre in my entity who croaked of famine but have seen preponderance of hombre who croaked of gourmandize. I have seen  preponderance of hombre disconcert by dint of penury but never seen an aristocrat jovial in his sojourn. I firmly reckon that preponderance of the sojourn are killed having ample dough than  those multitude who belongs to indigent . I have often seen that mad money  than affluence can prey of lechery for anyone in society who get victimised with flimsy.  I have seen preponderance of aristocrat who argufy  with each other, rushing  in court and brawling at their  father’s entombment. One  who hankers to live opulence life, don’t let your opulence go above your  contentment under any circumstances. I reckon when children commence haggle on cell phones, contribute half of their simoleon briskly then it is for certain about  ones end of life will be either on the threshold  or in the hospital. I have also seen preponderance of folks in my sojourn who used to earn  living and then donate the mad money after squandering themselves and the education of their children and tutelage. I have seen such saga celebutante living jointly even after their ancestors egress from this interim world. So let us endeavour not to have more wealth than affluence and even if it ensues, we will spend it on laudable peeps so that we can save ourselves and  the society. While the belle  , intoxication of juvenile, the ego of wealth, the standards of life,  the glad grace, the expertise and the soul . All this is going to end one day, so what’s the point of this pride and rapacity for dough.
Let’s all annex the hands with reverent heart  for edify society before the death will take us in its own clasp .the time is slendered and rushing out with out any halt.our profound and pellucid endeavor on time can bring desperate change in society  otherwise will be too late ,then !
   *Layea jaye ga tuj say kaam dunia ki imamat ka*